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EXTRAGRES 2.0 Gres fine porcellanato 20MM - OUTDOOR


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Extragres 2.0 comprises the 20 mm thickness collections by Casalgrande Padana: monolithic tiles in porcelain stoneware, perfectly square-edged and rectified, with a non-slip surface, ideal for outdoor paving.

An innovative production process delivers products of outstanding hardness which are impervious and resistant to any external stress, and which combine exceptional technical performance with a natural, varied look

. Extragres 2.0 offers an extensive range of colours and surfaces to cater to every possible design requirement in public and residential outdoor spaces: AmazzoniaCountry WoodParchi e Pietra BaugèKerblock


Easy to inspect and removable

High mechanical resistance

Wear and abrasion resistance

Easy to install

Easy to clean

Frost resistance

Resistance to acids and alkalis

Colour resistance to sunlight exposure

Extremely high resistance

No-slip surface

Stain resistant

Intended use and Installation

Ideal for countless applications:terraces, beaches, gardens, pathways and urban areas.

Dry laying flooring

Extragres 2.0 slabs can be dry-laid directly on sand, gravel and grassy ground so as to obtain a tiled area that can immediately withstand foot without requiring a screed and without the use of mortar and glues. Frost-resistant, slip-resistant, acid-resistant easy to install and to clean, it can withstand all kinds of weather and it is mould and moss resistant.

Installation on conventional sceed

Thanks to the 20 mm thickness the slabs Extragres 2.0 can be laid using ceramic adhesive on conventional screed thus offering additional strength to the tiled area. The fields of application of Extragres 2.0 are wide and varied and any application requiring high performances and resistance can be implemented with excellent results.

Raised installation  with supports

Extragres 2.0 porcelain slabs are usually installed on polypropylene (PP) supports that are available both with fixed heights and with adjustable heights for creating outdoor raised floors allowing the installation of electrical and water systems in the cavity below.