Ceramic Cloud

Kengo Kuma, assisted by Casalgrande Padana,
makes its first work in Italy.

The great Japanese architect
with the company
to celebrate its 50 years in the business

2010 is a particularly important and eventful year for Casalgrande Padana, which this year celebrates its first 50 years in the business. A most respectable accomplishment that the company is going to celebrate to the full by increasing its commitment to research and development to provide products and solutions that fulfil the new requirements of architecture and design.

In this way, Casalgrande Padana intends to strengthen the deep relationship it has always had with design. Culture of manufacture and culture of design are actually the fundamental areas of engagement for the company’s development strategies, as over the last 50 years the company has managed to direct its unfailing growth towards achieving balance and responsibility, not just by basing its productions on technological innovation and the search for new aesthetic and functional solutions for the design world, but also by cultivating a special sensitivity to such issues as sustainable development, the protection of the environment and corporate social accountability.

To celebrate 50 years of its history, Casalgrande Padana has organised a number of very interesting events and cultural initiatives.

The first event is the “Casalgrande Ceramic Cloud”, a combination of architecture and land art, designed by Kengo Kuma and made by Casalgrande Padana, under an agreement with the Municipality of Casalgrande. The work, the first one to be made by the great Japanese architect in Italy, is well under way and will be finished before next summer.

Set in a communal green area of over 2,8000 square metres, the installation is located on the new Strada Pedemontana next to the company’s production site, with such spectacular landmark acting as the Eastern Gate to the regional ceramic district.

The work is an unusual three-dimensional construction that experiments with innovative applications of the latest-generation ceramic units. Entirely made of special, large glazed stoneware tiles mechanically anchored to a specially-designed metal frame, the construction is over 40 metres large and 7 metres high and looks like an architectural object of refined elegance intended to symbolically mark a traditional productive region which is deeply bonded to the culture of design.

“Casalgrande Ceramic Cloud” will also be the focus of another, important cultural event during Design Week, from 13th to 19th April, at Milan’s Università Statale, where Casalgrande Padana will take part in the Interni Think Tank with an evocative installation by Kengo Kuma inspired by the work that is under construction.

Also during the event organised by the magazine Interni, on Wednesday 14th the great Japanese architect will give a conference in the Assembly Hall of Milan’s Università Statale and will attend the awards ceremony for the Grand Prix 2007-2009, the eighth international architecture award promoted by Casalgrande Padana.

On the occasion, the company will launch the ninth award, which was created by the glazed stoneware leader in 1990 for the best works made with their products all over the world.

Casalgrande Padana 1960-2010

“Since the very beginning of our long history, we have given priority to sustainability and industrial health and safety, by creating special projects for welfare and for the common good, all this in order to accomplish the right balance between economic growth, innovation, respect of the environment and social accountability. In our philosophy, Italian-made does not just mean luxury or beauty, it also stands for ethical values, commitment and responsibility. Values that have enabled us to turn a product into an experience to be shared”
Franco Manfredini – CEO of Casalgrande Padana

The first Italian company to specialise in glazed stoneware, this year Casalgrande Padana celebrates its first fifty years in the business, half a century of history during which it experienced an extraordinary development that has made it an undisputed global leader.
Figures speak for themselves, and nowadays the group has over 500 employees, plus 550 in its subsidiary Nuova Riwal, working in six high-tech plants in the heart of the most important ceramic district in the world, over a total surface of 700,000 square metres. Its increasingly-growing production and sales volumes are the most effective evidence of the company’s ability to understand the evolution of the market and its trends in terms of architectural expression and technological innovation.
Respect of natural resources, protection of the environment and social accountability are deeply rooted in the company’s genes, as it is unfailingly committed to pursuing the most excellent standards in order to fully respond to any architectural requirement. It also offers high-quality services through its Padana Engineering company, specialising in providing advice and assistance through all stages of work, from the selection of the right materials to the development of a project, and its Creative Centre, a first-class laboratory open to industry professionals which acts as an interface with the shop level, capable of combining innovation with creativity, in architecture, design, art and production.
In addition, Casalgrande Padana’s history stands out for the company’s commitment to supporting major architectural and design initiatives, first and foremost the Grand Prix, an international award created in 1990 to reward those works that make the most of the technical properties and expressive potentials of the glazed stoneware units manufactured by the company, now one of the most prestigious events in ceramic architecture.
Culture of manufacture and culture of design are the basic areas which in these fifty years have been the distinctive traits of Casalgrande Padana’s development strategies, and the company will keep pursuing a right balance between economic growth, technological innovation, respect of the environment and shared wellbeing.
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