Bios wins two important international awards in Germany

Bios, the range of antibacterial tiles by Casalgrande Padana, won the AIT Innovation Award for “Architecture and Building” in Essen and the AIT Innovation Award for “Architecture and Flooring” in Hanover, two important awards promoted by the German magazines AIT and xia IntelligenteArchitektur at the Deubau and Domotex fairs.

The AIT Innovation Award for “Architecture and Building” was won for “an innovative product that, in visual and tactile terms, is identical to the original glazed stoneware tile but with a new ingredient. Because of its antibacterial power, no other layer is required and cleaning is made much easier. Ecological and inexpensive, this product is beneficial on the budget”. In addition, the jury appreciated the inherent sustainability of the material and its unpretentious appearance. 

The AIT Innovation Award for “Architecture and Flooring” is given instead to products that specifically meet the designers’ requirements after a selection of the many flooring solutions that are commercially available – and the winner was Bios – based on such criteria as functionality and design, the authenticity of the material and the versatility of use, as well as of course its architectural qualities.

Bios stands for a range of full-mass glazed stoneware tiles with powerful antibacterial properties, the result of an innovative production process. During the production process, the ceramic material is mixed in the paste with mineral particles that generate an extremely effective antibacterial reaction.

Developed after a research conducted by Casalgrande Padana in conjunction with the Microbiology Department of Modena University, this product undergoes strict laboratory tests and turned out to be largely above the standards set forth by the industry regulations, as it can reduce far more than 99.9% (any value below this limit is not even taken into consideration) of the four main bacterial strains: Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus faecalis, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

The bactericidal effect generated by such treatment does not change over time, is wear resistant and needs no light to be activated, and its beneficial effects are further increased in humid environments.

These results, that have been documented and certified by Modena University, are evidence of the extraordinary potentials of the product which can be used in any field where a high performance in terms of hygiene, cleanliness, safety and ease of maintenance is needed, such as: health-care facilities, research laboratories, nurseries, schools, swimming-pools, sporting facilities, fitness centres, changing rooms, utility rooms, private or communal kitchens, canteens, restaurants, food and agricultural industries, and so on.

Available in all the collections of Granitogres ranges, Bios may be used in any home to enhance the already remarkable technical performance of Casalgrande Padana glazed stoneware with such properties.

There are no restrictions in appearance or composition either: finishes, shades and sizes are selected according to the specific requirements of a project, with widely customisable solutions. Bios ceramic pieces may be supplied unfinished, polished or satin-finished, since the antibacterial treatment acts into the mass of the tile, not just on the surface. Likewise, the colour range and modular sizes available to designers – the same as in the Granitogres and Marmogres ranges – may fulfil any requirement.

The AIT Innovation Award for “Architecture and Building” and the AIT Innovation Award for “Architecture and Flooring” are two important awards that add up to the already numerous awards and quality certificates Casalgrande Padana has earned in over fifty years of work. Especially sensitive to sustainable development, the protection of the environment and corporate social accountability, the company has grown in a well-balanced, responsible way, targeting its products to technological innovation and the search for new aesthetic and functional solutions.

The two awards it earned for the high technical and performance contents of this product will push the company to move on along this way and achieve even more advanced targets.

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