Kengo Kuma
Kengo Kuma
with Casalgrande Padana at Interni Think Tank

An installation and a conference by the great Japanese architect
Presenting his first Italian work
At the University of Milan, during Milan Design Week

Interni Think Tank offers a reflection on the need for renewal and change in the values of design in the new millennium. An opportunity to take stock of today's situation, where design and architecture, the design of items, furnishings and space meet in a process of fruitful contamination.
Through experimental installations created with the support of international designers and leading design and architectural firms, the exhibition will fit out a spectacular stage, framed by the yards and loggias of the University of Milan.

Casalgrande Padana will be one the main protagonists of the event, with the impressive CCCWall, an installation designed by Kengo Kuma, taking inspiration from his first Italian work: “Casalgrande Ceramic Cloud”, a spectacular landmark which is being set up in front of the company's site in Casalgrande (Reggio Emilia).

CCCWallThe CCCWall will divide the courtyard of the university's Cortile dei Bagni into two ideal ceramic gardens, similar but facing each other as a metaphoric Yin and Yang. The wall, made of feather-light organza, will separate two closely-connected worlds through the everchanging, iridescent transparency of the material that, being so extremely light, will be brought to life by the smallest blast.

A layer of semi-transparent fibre which at night will turn into a screen showing extraordinary images, previews and a special cut of one day spent around the work that is being built at Casalgrande.

The setting is completed by a sequence of theme installations along the loggia and in the rooms looking onto the courtyard, telling the story of and the bonds between the temporary installation and the real work under construction.

In this setting, on Wednesday 14th April, in the assembly hall of the University, Kengo Kuma will hold a conference about his work with the participation of authoritative experts in architectural culture and some big names of designs. On the occasion, the Japanese master will attend the Grand Prix 2007-2009 awards ceremony and the official launch of the ninth Grand Prix 2010-2011, the international architectural award promoted in 1990 by Casalgrande Padana to reward the greatest works made all over the world with its products.

CCCWallAlso at Interni Think Tank, Casalgrande Padana and Kengo Kuma will be the protagonists of an impressive event at La Rinascente in Piazza del Duomo. Fragments of porcelain stoneware slabs artistically installed on top of each other will shape a surprising screen separating the interiors from the exteriors of a shop-window: a huge, light-permeable ceramic bulk, creating quaint effects.

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