Diamante Magico Ceramic Tiles of Italy - Playground

Casalgrande Padana's
Diamante Magico
at La Triennale di Milano

An installation designed by
Studio 5+1 AA Alfonso Femia Gianluca Peluffo
interprets the theme proposed
by the exhibition
"Ceramic Tiles of Italy - Playground",
to be held at Palazzo della Triennale,
from April 14th to 19th,
during the Settimana del Design

Casalgrande Padana is among the seven Confindustria Ceramica (Italian Association of Ceramics Industrialists) member companies which were asked to present, during Ceramic Tiles of Italy - Playground new proposals and innovative products inspired by the children's play, leisure time and sustainable cities.

On this important background, Casalgrande Padana appointed Studio 5+1 AA Alfonso Femia Gianluca Peluffo with the making of Diamante Magico, an installation in which the diamond three-dimensionality, brightness and magic mystery play the leading roles.

Two simple, interconnected volumes, one with a horizontal layout and structure, the other with a vertical one together hide a game in which the spatiality of the ceramic element (in this case an innovative three-dimensional glazed porcelain stoneware tile inspired by diamonds) is driven towards infinity.

Diamante Magico

The horizontal space is a platform whose structure makes it possible to rearrange its constituting modules as one wishes. By playing freely with the different elements it is possible to create scenarios and skylines, inside which the kid can move like in an harmonious and ever changing urban landscape.

Diamante MagicoThe vertical wall, on the other hand, appears like a monolith, fully covered with ceramic elements that hide a fascinating game. Some wall elements can slide through the whole wall thickness, no matter the side. Their number and layout is deliberately random. The game consists in the pleasure and amazement of discovering the mobile elements, as well as the wonder generated by the endless opportunities of reshaping the mysterious surface alternating between empty and full spaces, lights and shadows.

Diamante R20 BOA is the new product designed and developed by Studio 5+1 AAAlfonso Femia Gianluca Peluffo especially for Casalgrande Padana for this installation. Its regular production will start soon. An exclusive design glazed porcelain stoneware tile with a three-dimensional thickness development that, thanks to its brilliance and to its many facets (inspired by diamonds) can give life and light to ever changing surfaces made of reflections and light/dark contrasts that make possible an everchanging perception. Produced in the size 10x20 and 60x60 (cm) and in three versions, characterized by slight three-dimensional differences, this product offers endless combination opportunities to obtain the maximum customisation available as well as flexibility and adaptability of the covering to large and small sized walls.

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