Casalgrande Padana is particularly honoured to communicate that the ADI Permanent Design Observatory selected Bios Antibacterial Ceramics as a product to be published in the ADI Design Index 2010.

The ADI Design Index 2010 is the third and last volume of a three-year project collecting the products selected for the 21st edition of the Golden Compass (Compasso d'Oro) ADI award. Over the years, this prize has become the most prestigious award to the quality, in terms of production and design, of goods, services and systems in Italian design; during over fifty years, it has developed the largest Historical Design Collection, which in 2004 was declared “National heritage” by the Italian Government (Ministerial Decree 22.04.2004).

The annual selection involved over 2000 products presented according to a rigorous work method and exclusive criteria based on merit by the ADI Permanent Design Observatory, including approximately 200 experts, grouped in committees operating at three different levels: local committees, thematic committees and final selection committee.

Since 2009 the ADI Design Index – in addition to being a preliminary selection for the Golden Compass – has also become a selection for the Premio dei Premi (Prize of Prizes) organised by the Ministry of Public Administration and Innovation, which sees the participation of ADI, the Confederation of Italian Industry and the National Research Agency (CNR).

To award this important annual prize, every year the ADI Final Selection Committee nominates three important products from the viewpoint of design innovation, selected among those published in the ADI Design Index.

This important result, achieved thanks to a product marked by high technical content and high performance, is to be added to the number of awards and quality certifications obtained by Casalgrande Padana during fifty years of activity. Such awards prove not only the company’s constant commitment in terms of research and innovation, but also its great attention to topics such as conscious growth, sustainable development, the protection of the environment and social accountability of undertakings.

The selection for the ADI Design Index 2010 is a very prestigious achievement and an encouragement to continue in the same direction to reach increasingly ambitious goals.

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