“Percorsi in ceramica”   

Architecture and New Products

Four innovative proposals and great attention to the world of design and engaged architecture are at the heart of the magazine published by Casalgrande Padana

In the latest issue of “Percorsi in ceramica”, Casalgrande Padana focuses on themes such as architecture and design, which have always been reference points for the company, with insight in engaged architecture.

The introductory article encourages the readers to love architecture and confirms the importance of a constant and constructive dialogue with the design phases to achieve the shared goal of qualitative excellence. Good practice increasingly become a vital factor to successfully face the competitive global market. Casalgrande Padana believes that the basic methodological foundation of its initiatives consists in working side by side with the architects, supporting their ideas and facilitating their implementation. This entrepreneurial approach is marked not only by great works but also by excellent daily achievements when, in addition to international protagonists, also new young professionals and all those involved in design activities can voice their needs and address the company.

Against this background, the Grand Prix initiative – the contest promoted by Casalgrande Padana – plays a significant role and is now acknowledged as one of the most important international events devoted to ceramic for architectural purposes. It is a cultural operation that, in over twenty years of activities, has grown and developed, playing a reference role for the whole industry.

The collaboration with designers is a topic dealt with in detail in the portrait devoted to the Tamassociati firm, dwelling on aspects of engaged architecture and social issues. Within a context which sees architecture often missing sense and meaning, the collaboration of  Tamassociati, led by Massimo Lepore, Raul Pantaleo and Simone Sfriso, strongly confirms that there is a different way of operating which may be implemented in our world too, and not only in other (third or second) worlds.

The second section of “Percorsi in Ceramica” presents some new ceramic materials devoted to the world of architecture and design: the Architecture series of the Granitogres line, the Amazzonia and Terre Toscane series of the Pietre Native line and the Les Plages series of the Granitoker line. The production of those four novelties has started recently and is the result of the broad research and experiments which have always characterized the development strategies of Casalgrande Padana. The four proposals for contemporary environments stand up because of the study of innovative solutions from the aesthetic and compositional viewpoints in addition to the traditional high standards from the technical, performance, functional and safety viewpoints.

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