“Percorsi in ceramica”

Old House

Monographic issue of the Casalgrande Padana Magazine focused on the architectural renovation project carried out by Kengo Kuma in the company’s production site.

Only one year has elapsed since the “Percorsi in Ceramica” issue focused on the inauguration of Casalgrande Ceramic Cloud, the first Italian work designed and completed by Kengo Kuma, and here we are again, writing about the Japanese architect appointed by Casalgrande Padana with a second project: the Old House. It is a particularly interesting static restoration and functional recovery plan from the architectural viewpoint, involving an old rural building located on the company’s production site, which has survived the deep industrial transformation of the territory.

The project was developed by Kuma with the traditional sensitivity characterizing his approach to traditional themes, without transforming the distinctive elements marking the typical country style in the area around Reggio Emilia. Indoor spaces were re-designed and shaped into sophisticated environments destined to the custody of the history of Casalgrande Padana: its archives and documentation centre. The building was structured also to host exhibitions, meetings and cultural events and has been completely restored in its external appearance to accurately revive its original image.

The care Kuma devotes to the materials and their sustainable use is perfectly suited to this project, in the environmental concern, the sense of poise, the essentiality, the ability to give simple spaces an incredible spiritual ambience, where the key role is played by stoneware tile.

The result is a surprising building, in which the experience of physical presence turns into the experience of being. A place, as Kuma himself put it, where “Ceramics plays itself”.

The Old House and the garden surrounding it are engaged in a harmonious dialogue with the nearby Casalgrande Ceramic Cloud, with which they form a sort of meaningful environment system.

The old cottage and the monumental architectural installation located in front of the production works provide an extraordinary symbolic combination of traditional values and contemporary elements. Ancient and modern – as well as internal and external – aspects interact and are mutually integrated to define a space out of time, which is nevertheless extremely modern.

Thanks to the Old House, Kuma completes the process started with the Casalgrande Ceramic Cloud project by drawing to a end an unprecedented professional experience based on the fruitful collaboration with the company in its multiple role as client and builder, as well as manufacturer and supplier of the materials used.

Thanks to both those works of excellence Casalgrande Padana wishes to consolidate the close relationship it has always had with the world of design.

It is right to designers that “Percorsi in ceramica” turns to once again in this issue, with a special update on the Grand Prix – the international architecture award promoted by Casalgrande Padana to select the best projects made with the company’s products -. The special is to remind that all participants of the award will receive a complimentary yearly subscription to the magazine CASABELLA, an internationally famed architecture review that has supported this initiative for years.

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