Ermete Realacci and his very current inquiry book, guide the readers through those Italian companies that successfully ventured on an alternative path to exit the crisis afflicting the country, focusing on innovation and sustainability. Among the protagonists, the book described the ceramic industry in the words of Franco Manfredini, president of Casalgrande Padana.

An environmentalist, MP and honorary president of Legambiente, Ermete Realacci doesn’t need to be introduced. His latest work, published by Chiare Lettere has recently been put for sale in bookstores. The title and subtitle, as in a blues “skirmish”, go well beyond mere theory and reveal the solution: Green Italy – Perché ce la possiamo fare (N. of. T. Green Italy – The reason why we can make it).

The leitmotivs to the author’s analysis are the idea and need to focus on a sustainable and innovation-driven economy, based on such principles as quality, research and knowledge.

The dramatic financial situation at global level, combined with the long-time problems in Italy, doesn’t only make the socio-economic scenario difficult or even unsustainable, but hides the country’s more vital and competitive part of the Country, where positive energy is still a key feature. Suffices to think that exports grew by 40% even in the more traditional industries.

As Realacci reminds us, harsh conditions force people to use their wits as best as they can. The crisis, as it is reminded by the several cases described in the book, may be regarded as an opportunity in disguise. To prove his point, the author takes us on a trip from the north to the south of the Country, telling about that part of the Italian industry that has decided to wager on green economy to renew their production processes in a responsible way, thus creating a new competitive paradigm in the Country.

The story of Casalgrande Padana stands out for its pertinence; the company’s President, Mr. Franco Manfredini, proudly recounts its strengths. This pivotal company is located at the heart of the Sassuolo cluster, the undisputed reference area for ceramic processing and production excellence worldwide. This product, like few others, is capable of conveying the strength and character of our vital and competitive Made in Italy, based on the know-how and success of an entire community.

In its over 50 years in the business, Casalgrande Padana and its Research Centre collected an incredible wealth of knowledge, developed innovative products and state-of-the-art technical solutions. Among them, the recent and revolutionary fully-vitrified stoneware slab line, called Bios ® Antibacterial Ceramics; this line stands out for its outstanding antibacterial properties.

Collective success, though – continues Manfredini – has also to do with environmental performance: “the very DNA of our company rests in the production of evolved and environmentally-friendly ceramic material and the provision of innovative solutions for today’s architecture, in a perfect balance between economic growth, technology advancement, sensible use of natural resources, environmental protection and social responsibility”.

Made in Italy - concludes Manfredini – does not mean beauty and luxury only, but also ethos, commitment and a sense of responsibility. All this allows to turn a product into an experience to share”.

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