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April 8, 2015


Held to coincide with Expo 2015, the initiative is closely related to the theme of the universal expo, “Feeding the planet, energy for life”, acting as a space for reflections halfway between a cooking area and a laboratory, where food and ceramics (the material of choice for cooking, presenting and tasting food) are the heroes of a story made of gestures, suggestions, memories, feelings, materials and colours inspired by Italian standards and leadership. The layout, designed by Blumerandfriends, includes a number of multimedia workstations (with video projections and links to the main social networks), equipped with ceramic implements and kitchenware. The workstations, where the foods will be handled, incorporate real worktops, also completely coated in ceramic slabs.

Three of such workstations have been coated with Casalgrande Padana’s Pietre Native, new-generation ceramic slabs made with a cutting-edge technology applied to glazed stoneware, a new twist on the aesthetic and functional properties of natural stone. The solid texture, the grain size, the veins, the shades, the materials and the surface finishes are just the same as those of their stone counterparts, while their performance is even higher than that of the natural ones.

In dettaglio:
La collezione Pietre di Sardegna range is available in a 30x60 cm size, in the Porto Cervo colour, a soft sand beige ruffled up by streaks and small paler inclusions, which emphasise the company’s research into materials and forms to get a natural finish combined with high technical and safety standards.
La collezione Lavagna range is used in a 15x60 cm size, in a Green colour, and stands out for its slightly textured surface, which feels as soft and warm as slate, of which it also copies the colours, adding, though, the harness and wear-resistance of stoneware.
La collezione Meteor range is installed in a 15x60 cm size, in a Coal Grey colour, with a tightly textured surface finish lined with soft, paler streaks; a range with a contemporary flavour that stands out for its minimal forms and combines functionality with a highly aesthetic and decorative power.
All Pietre di Sardegna, Lavagna and Meteor ranges contain the Bios Antibacterial HYDROTECT® technology with absolute, certified antibacterial properties that remove smells even without any light, ideal for any place where cleanliness and hygiene are prerequisites. 

As in any Casalgrande Padana product, the Pietre Native range is distinctively eco-friendly. Actually, the company has always been engaged in research to find innovative technology to produce high-performance but low-impact materials, as proven by its ISO 14001 and EMAS certificates.