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October 3, 2017


Design by Marco Piva meets the other dimension of ceramics.

Flashes of light, a texture reminiscent of plastering and injections of colour are scattered within a body of neutral tones, evoking the continuity of resin and complementing Marco Piva’s experimental approach to materials. This collection of porcelain stoneware transcends the modularity of the tiles to expand the potential of ceramics and give life to new design opportunities.

The Resina collection by Casalgrande Padana is a form of porcelain stoneware in the Granitoker line boasting exceptional technical attributes, created for designers and architects who wish to bring a fresh new mood to living spaces.
The collection lays the foundations for a metropolitan style pe rfect for fluid spaces such as lofts and former industrial buildings. Resina creates continuous surfaces and uniform colours and materials, interpreting the dimensions and characteristics of the space and transcending the modular nature of the tiles themselves.

With their minimalist appearance, the surfaces convey a sense of sobriety and modernity. Points of light and subtle undertones evoke the qualities of resin – particularly its texture and ability to make any floo ring or cladding unique and inimitable. Imperfection becomes a plus, adding to a sophisticated aesthetic effect created by the relationship between material, light and colour.

Resina helps to build a bold, simple style, bringing a strong sense of identity to a space without overbearing other elements. On the contrary, it feeds off combinations with other finishes, materials and furnishings. The neutral, warm tones merge into the architecture, yet the material returns to centre stage on account of the subtle detailing which – far from interrupting the continuity of the flooring – heightens its character.

A collaboration between designer Marco Piva and Casalgrande Padana, Shades is a sophisticated decorative process stemming from the “material design” concept. Applied to ceramic surfaces, it enriches the Resina collection in Black, Grey and Tobacco and in the 90x180, 90x90, 45x90 and 45x45 cm formats. Shades experiments with different tones to create a sense of depth and volume on the flat surface of the ceramics.

Marco Piva’s creative process – which in recent times has drawn on a mix of techniques including pencil, watercolour, tempera and acrylic – aims to use the surface of an artwork to create a new kind of material achieved by colour layering
and interaction. Shades experiments with measured colour saturation and contrasts stemming from the material itself. Ultimately, the result is an elegant, artistic creation
applied to a technically superior product.
As with all that Casalgrande Padana produces, the Resina collection is an environmentally friendly line that guarantees both an original aesthetic and decorative appearance as well as technological attributes that ensure respect for the environment. The company has always worked hard to develop innovative technology capable of producing materials that combine high performance with low environmental impact, as confirmed by their ISO 14001 and Emas c ertifications.