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Swimming pool


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Producing quality swimming pools is the mission of Casalgrande Padana. Large swimming facilities, spas and thermal baths, water parks and even private pools are becoming increasingly popular and have turned into remarkable architectural feats, but also into fully exploited and frequented social venues.

Material research, project analysis and the use of evolved technical solutions are at the core of the work of the Casalgrande Padana’s design teams, who combine engineering expertise with a long and direct field experience. 

Porcelain stoneware

Specifically with regards to swimming pools, these tiles provide superior resistance against acids and alkalis (hydrofluoric acid excluded), UV radiation and light fastness, and against frost and temperature changes.

Furthermore, these products provide all the typical features of ceramics, i.e. they are fire-proof, do not generate dust, are corrosion-resistant and have high mechanical strength.

All these features provided by the products of Swimming Pool allow for the three main applications in swimming pools, i.e.:

- Pool tanks and wall claddings, where porcelain tiles PADANA-PLUS, glazed in different colours, make the water brighter and provide aesthetic and hygiene.

- Pool borders, staircases and other special constructions where porcelain fittings PADANA-TRIM, glazed or unglazed, are duly shaped according to specific needs of the project.

- Pool decks, where the unglazed porcelain tiles PADANA-GRES, guarantee, thanks to special non-slip surfaces, the safety of users and generate pleasant atmospheres and a feeling of wellness.


Design and overall beauty are key factors in giving a feeling of wellness to users of a swimming pool or leisure complex.

Thanks to both its broad range of colours and sizes available, ceramic tiles are the most flexible and suitable product for creating comfort and beauty in any project.

Swimming Pool products offer a perfect modularity of different sizes, both square and rectangular, when grouting joints are planned with 7 mm width.

Most trim pieces are available in their half-size format while other formats are obtained by cutting larger tile sizes.

With this flexibility it is therefore possible to perfectly tile any type of construction project while always maintaining a symmetric design of grouting joints.

The 7 mm joints make the grouting work easier (especially when accessories have higher thickness and when epoxy grouts are used) and offer higher mechanical resistance to joints, thanks to an almost square section of 7x8 mm.

Nominal sizes Worksizes Format code
M 25x25 cm 243x243 mm 1000
M 12,5x25 cm 118x243 mm 1100
M 6,25x25 cm 55,5x243 mm 2100
M 12,5x12,5 cm 118x118 mm 1120

Important: Modularity of different size sis based on 7 mm grouting joints.


In and around swimming pools, wet surfaces where people usually walk with bare feet make safety and hygiene a dual concept that becomes an essential feature.
Preventing accidents as well as avoiding the settling of microbiological impurities are a "must" which tiles, special pieces and grouting materials must, necessarily comply in order to guarantee both safety and hygiene.
The surfaces of the tiles and special pieces proposed by Swimming Pool, even with non-slip finish, duly consider this double-need and can assure both safety and an easy maintenance, thus providing a higher hygienic standard for the entire tiles area.
According to these concepts, the Swimming Pool proposals include the following types of surface:

Lucida - where particularly brilliant glazes allow the surfaces to have higher reflection of light.

Satin - featuring glazes of a medium gloss that create softer looking surfaces and an higher resistance to abrasion.

Friction - where the glazes are mixed with fine corundum sand thus achieving a Group B non-slip degree with bare feet even on a non-textured surface.

Grip - made with glazes mixed with higher quantities of corundum sand for a Group C non-slip degree with bare feet even on a non-textured surface.

Rigata-Cannelé - featuring a surface with crosswise scoring in relief offering a Group C non-slip degree with bare feet on both glazed and unglazed surfaces.

Matt - only available in the unglazed version, these tiles feature a smooth surface providing non-slip degree R10 with shod feet and Group B with bare feet.

Pinhead - available in unglazed version, as the name suggests, this features pinhead profiles that make the surface easy to clean while providing an R11 non-slip value with shod feet and Group Cfor bare feet.
Moreover, the way the pinhead profiles are arranged achieves fluid downflow class V6.

Roccia - these tiles are available in the unglazed version only and feature an irregular textured surface that provides an R12 non-slip degree with shod feet and Group C for bare feet.

Glazed gres porcelain
Surface Lucida = L

Glazed gres porcelain
Surface Lucida = L

Glazed gres porcelain
Surface Friction = F

Glazed gres porcelain
Surface Grip = G

Glazed gres porcelain
Surface Rigata/Cannelé = C

Unglazed gres porcelain
Surface Matt = M

Unglazed gres porcelain
Surface Pinhead = P

Unglazed gres porcelain
Surface Roccia = R

Unglazed gres porcelain
Surface Rigata/Cannelé = C


In traditional swimming facilities but also in modern wellness centres, getting rid of bacteria from surfaces is paramount to prevent mould, yeast and fungi from forming. Casalgrande Padana’s research in the field of antibacterial products has led to BiosCeramics, a treatment capable of getting rid of 99.9% of four main bacterial strains.

This special application, which is effective also in total darkness and enhances its performance in wet environments, is available for the full range of Casalgrande Padana products.


Besides providing highperformance technology and materials, Casalgrande Padana’s Swimming Pool division provides customers with effective and efficient services in order to give designers active assistance during the project design and development phases as well as the tools to create custom solutions.

This collaboration helps moving among finishing systems and selecting the most suitable products in the Casalgrande Padana range.


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42013 Casalgrande - RE - Italy
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