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With the goal of providing a better service, Swimming Pool offers its customers a technical service aimed at assisting and supporting both architects and planners from the planning phase to the completion of their projects.

In swimming pools as well as in other fields of application, ceramic tiles are one of the very few elements called to provide both technical and aesthetical performances at the same time.

From a technical point of view it is important to take into consideration the following parameters:

- type of use (inside/outside, wall/floor);

- in case of floor, type and quantity of traffic that has to be born by the floor;

- cleaning method and cleaning products;

- normal working conditions (wet/dry, presence of dust/acids etc.)

From the aesthetical point of view it is necessary that the selected tile is harmoniously integrated in the global aesthetic of the building as for colour, shape and type of installation.

Considering that in swimming pools there is a large number of different tiles and fittings and that premises to be tiled have different destinations, there is the need of a continuous co-operation with people involved in planning in order to properly meet with customers' requirements under technical and economical point of view.


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