2° Prize - Category Facades

Labics - Maria Claudia Clemente, Francesco Isidori

MAST Manifattura Arti, Sperimentazione e Tecnologia Bologna (Italia)

An integral part of a multi-functional complex, the nursery school building stands out from the other MAST structures courtesy of the architectural solutions adopted for the facades, which feature a stunning see-through solar panel system. Ceramic elements play a key role here, not just from a functional perspective but also in terms of their contribution to the overall compositional effect via the use of colour. Meanwhile, the polychrome cladding creates a contrast with the pure, neutral style of the building itself. By day, the front of the building appears to be a solid surface, but by night the barrier seems to melt away as the light filters through from inside. Colour restores a sense of originality to the ceramics.

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