Create a springtime corner with our Extragres 2.0 collections

April 11, 2019

Create a springtime corner with our Extragres 2.0 collections

Extragres 2.0 has a wide range of colours and surfaces of the Amazzonia, Country Wood, Kerblock, ParchiPietra Baugè and Pietre di Sardegna collections with a 20 mm thickness. These perfectly squared and rectified monolith porcelain stoneware tiles are versatile, sturdy, and functional and feature a non-slip surface finish. The perfect solution for meeting every design requirement in public and residential outdoor spaces, such as terraces, beaches, turf walkways, gravel walkways, or urban areas

Amazzonia Dragon Beige Grip 45x90 cm  17 3/4"x 35 3/8 "Composizione A Eldorado 36x60 cm 11 3/4"x 23 5/8"

Spring is around the corner, so here are a few ideas to enhance the beauty of terraces, balconies, and gardens.

Amazzonia Grey Grip 45x90 cm  17 3/4"x 35 3/8



The Amazzonia porcelain stoneware collection is perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings (thanks to its non-slip surface). These long-lasting tiles add a touch of sophistication with their wide range of colours and sizes while creating continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Amazzonia Dragon Grey Grip 45x90 cm  17 3/4"x 35 3/8


Country Wood

Country Woodis the wood-effect porcelain stoneware that reflects the original beauty of wood with a balanced and natural range of colours. The result is a versatile surface, suitable also for outdoor use, where past and present meet and create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Country Bianco 25 x151 cm   9 7/8"x 59 1/2"



Inspired by the natural beauty of stone, the Kerblockporcelain stoneware collection for outdoor use makes your garden as elegant and sophisticated as ever.

Kerblock Beige 60x60 cm 23 5/8"x 23 5/8"



The Parchi wood-effect porcelain stoneware collection draws inspiration from the natural beauty of wooden boards, as it reproduces their warm shades while allowing for versatile and functional solutions for any type of lifestyle and requirement.

Parchi Yellowstone  60x60 cm 23 5/8"x 23 5/8"


Pietra Baugè

The new take on French stone, together with masterly brushed concrete and the memories of ancient terracotta tiles, conjures up a rustic and traditional atmosphere in the sophisticated, contemporary settings typical of the Pietra Baugè collection.

Pietra Baugè Grigia 60x60 cm 23 5/8"x 23 5/8"

Pietre di Sardegna: porcelain stoneware tiles of timeless uniqueness

Pietre di Sardegna combines the timeless elegance of natural stone with the longevity and attributes of porcelain stoneware ceramic tiles. Each tile is a unique, one-off piece.

Porto Rotondo


Dry laying

The Extragres 2.0 porcelain stoneware tiles for outdoor use can be dry-laid on sand, gravel, or turf and can be immediately walked on without the need for screed and without using mortars or glues.

Pietra Baugè Beige Parchi Sequoia



Laid on screed using glue

Thanks to its 20 mm thickness, Extragres 2.0 tiles can be laid on screed using glue, thereby providing the floor with high load resistance. Extragres 2.0 can be applied to multiple settings and is the perfect solution whenever high resistance and technical performance are required.


Raised laying with supports

Extragres 2.0 porcelain stoneware tiles are usually laid on polypropylene (PP) supports with fixed or adjustable height, which allow for creating outdoor raised floors that hide the underlying electrical and water supply systems.

Kerblock Beige 60x60 cm  23 5/8"x 23 5/8"

Extragres 2.0 is a versatile collection, suitable for simplest to the most sophisticated style

An innovative production process allows us to create exceptionally long-lasting products. The non-slip porcelain stoneware tiles – Extragres 2.0 – for outdoor use are resistant to frost, chemicals, stains, wear, and abrasion. They ensure light fastness, are non-absorbing and resistant to any external stress. Plus, they ensure high mechanical and load resistance. They are easy to install and clean and don’t fear degradation, no matter the weather conditions. They are also mould- and moss-resistant and are easy to inspect and remove.

We draw inspiration from nature to manufacture innovative and functional products with excellent qualities, always respecting the environment.

Enjoy the cosiness of an all-natural outdoor setting!

Amazzonia Dragon Chocolate Grip 45x90 cm 17 3/4"x 35 3/8"

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