Geometric decorations in porcelain stoneware: interior design solutions by Casalgrande Padana

Nov. 10, 2020

Geometrische Dekors aus Feinsteinzeug: Innenarchitekturlösungen von Casalgrande Padana

by Sara Costi

Through volume effects, geometric motifs and colour varieties that combine to shape modular compositions, Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware coverings speak a new creative language, able to enrich and enliven a plain, ordinary wall or bring extra character and personality to the various areas of the home.

Porcelain stoneware decorations with different geometric shapes, with squares, rectangles, diamonds, circles and strips, overlapping nuances and original abstract graphics adapt to the design of any setting and can be used to cover a whole wall or just a part of it, or to tile a floor, giving the various areas a touch of fresh, modern style, or a novel retro effect reminiscent of the past.

Coverings: Beton E Dark + Ivory Insert
Coverings: Opus Cementina Grigia

Modern or retro style? Porcelain stoneware is the way to go

From the monolith large-format ceramic tiles to the small square tiles with a typical retro flavour, the geometric decorations in porcelain stoneware are the ideal choice to enhance a modern or vintage furnishing style, and are perfect both for creating elegant all-over patterns on the floor and for highlighting more or less large parts of the walls. When combined with other plain-coloured tiles, they are perfect for creating bright, appealing settings by forming endless creative variants.

Flooring: Marmoker Travertino Miele - Cassettone Travertino Decoration
Flooring: Marmoker Travertino Miele - Cassettone Travertino Decoration Coverings: Travertino Miele and Travertino Romano - Cassettone Travertino Decoration
Flooring: Marmoker Pulpis, Marmoker Tortora-Bardiglio Bianco Coverings: Quadrotte Marmoker Pulpis Decoration, Marmoker Tortora-Bardiglio Bianco
Coverings: Quadrotte Marmoker Pulpis Decoration, Marmoker Tortora-Bardiglio Bianco

Walls tiled with the porcelain stoneware decorations from the Beton collection offer a new take on the ornamental motifs of tailored fabrics, creating decorative textures with a dynamic pace.

Geometric patterns, intersecting lines, modern, contrasting colours with a mix of warm shades amplify creativity, bringing a fresh, original touch to settings.

Coverings: Beton C Mud and Ivory Insert
Coverings: Penta Resina Mosaic

For those who prefer a typically modern, contemporary furnishing style, Casalgrande Padana offers the decorations Kontinua Optical, Round Square and Diagonal in the large 120x240 cm format, all of which can be combined with the collections Marmoker, Pietre di Paragone and Pietre di Sardegna. Geometric figures composed of irregular angles, straight and diagonal lines and circles intersect perfectly, firming simple, linear shapes or graceful, undulating lattice patterns, creating a smooth, appealing overall effect.

Kontinua Optical, Round Square and Diagonal Decorations

Decorations with asymmetrical geometries and vibrant colours create sophisticated, striking design effects, adding character to the settings of modern homes. Monolith porcelain stoneware tiles from the Pietre di Paragone collection that Casalgrande Padana offers in combination with the Golden Paint Decoration in the large 120x240 cm format.

A passion for tradition springs back to life with the porcelain stoneware coverings for interiors with a retro flavour: delicate optical effects and sophisticated geometric decorations with a soft aged effect, inspired by the past, bring a personal touch of character to living spaces. Suitable for both floors and walls, marking off the various functional areas of the settings and combining smoothly with other materials, Casalgrande Padana cementine tiles are an excellent furnishing choice, able to give living spaces back the character and distinctive elements of a long-established tradition.

Opus Cementina Multicolor Beige Cementina Multicolor Grigia
Flooring: Opus Grigio - Cementina Multicolor Grigia - Coverings: Cementina Multicolor Grigia
Flooring and Coverings:Opus beige e Cementina Multicolor Beige

The material and creative variety of the geometric decorations by Casalgrande Padana offer the opportunity to create interesting interior design solutions for living spaces with an appealing modern character or a timeless retro flavour.

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