Ideas and inspiration for a fairy-tale outdoor space

July 3, 2019

Ideas and inspiration for a fairy-tale outdoor space

by Sara Costi

With the arrival of summer, we’re all rediscovering the joy of making the most of our outdoor space, whether we have a simple terrace or a garden with gazebo and pool.

The “staycation” trend has rocketed in popularity in recent years, with people opting to have a holiday within the comfort of their own home, choosing to spend the summer months relaxing in the outdoor space of their houses.


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The summer is made for outdoor living. It’s the perfect time to get out of the day-to-day routine, dust off that book you can never find a moment to read, listen to your favourite music and organise drinks or a barbecue with friends on your terrace or garden. You might even want to chill by the pool and - when evening falls - enjoy the magnificent starry sky, cooled by the summer breeze and heady with the scent of flowers.

Let’s start dreaming...

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A stunning terrace...

If you want to turn your terrace into a cosy, intimate space, keeping it modern and practical and shielding you from prying eyes, one great option is to install dividing panels and a ledge which you can dress with colourful cushions to turn into a seat. Alternatively, you could get some brick containers to grow your favourite flowers and plants, which will inject a vibrant sense of energy into the atmosphere.

You could also personalise your terrace by adding details such as well decorations, colourful baskets and big cushions. Consider placing sofas at either end and a long table with a parasol in the middle.

Patio Gold


Patio Brown


If your kitchen opens out onto the terrace, you could create a work station under the window, in order to create a link between inside and out and make it easier to serve up your favourite dishes.

And to shed light on your summer evenings on the terrace, don't forget to grab some lanterns and nestle them between the flowerpots. The flickering flames of the candles will create a magical atmosphere!

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Your terrace should reflect the style of your home, so your choice of flooring is fundamental. To give your home a sense of harmony, we recommend that you ensure continuity between inside and outside, using the same materials but in their outdoor, non-slip versions.

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Let yourself be inspired by the huge range of colours in our collections. We have many different types of stone-effectporcelain stoneware tiles, which incorporate the natural beauty of stone into a versatile surface suitable also for outdoor use. The tiles merge tradition and modernity, creating warm, cosy spaces. Alternatively, check out our wood-effect range, which combines the aesthetic harmony of porcelain stoneware with the pleasant, material texture of wood to create a product of stunning practicality and durability.


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Garden decor inspiration...



Your home can be taken to the next level by a well-planned garden. When it comes to creating a welcoming, practical space and putting your stamp on your garden, it’s important to keep to one style that matches that of your home when choosing materials, colours and furniture such as tables, chairs, loungers, day beds, parasols, curtains, cushions, candles, lanterns, vases and pots. And your choice of flooring is perhaps the most important of all!


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In order to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest, you could create a walkway between your gazebo and pool area using our Extragres 2.0 tiles, which can be laid straight onto grass or gravel. It means you can have a ready-to-use patio straight away. Alternatively, the tiles can be laid with adhesive onto screed, which guarantees increased resistance to loads. It’s also possible to create raised outdoor flooring, using polypropylene supports available at fixed or adjustable heights. This means electrical cabling and water pipes can be passed underneath.

Pietra Baugè Beige




Pietra Baugè Beige 60x60 cm - 20 mm


Mineral Chrom Grey


Pietra Baugè Beige 60x60 cm - 20 mm


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If you have a large garden, you could opt for a gazebo and kit it out with soft curtains. You could even create a barbecue or outdoor kitchen area.

Pietre di Sardegna – Porto Rotondo


Patio Beige



Pietra Baugè Beige 60x60 cm - 20 mm

Terraces and gardens are areas that need to be designed properly in order to make them truly atmospheric. The materials used for flooring and other tiling are fantastic vehicles for creating welcoming, comfortable spaces. The timeless beauty of natural stone is combined with the durability and performance of porcelain stoneware in our stone-effect collection, which offers a huge range of warm colour options, with every vein adding vintage character to your home. The tiles will strike a harmonious balance with any decor style, be that classic, modern, country or rustic, injecting a sense of freshness and originality into every space.

Enjoy your home to the max with a completely natural outdoor space!



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