Kontinua: porcelain stoneware tiles in large dimensions to broaden the horizons of design

Jan. 15, 2019

Kontinua: porcelain stoneware tiles in large dimensions to broaden the horizons of design

Casalgrande Padana presents Kontinua, a line of porcelain stoneware tiles in large dimensions and sleek thicknesses which augment the Cemento, Marmoker, Onici, Pietre di Paragone and Pietre di Sardegna collections, in an attempt to enrich the versatility and breadth of the Casalgrande Padana offering.

Cutting-edge manufacturing technology combined with technical excellence and an innovative business outlook has enabled Casalgrande Padana to provide a concrete response to contemporary design requirements.

Cassero Bianco 120x260 cm  – 120x120 cm Cassero antracite 120x120 cm


Cemento: beyond the borders of the material

Cemento Cassero Grigio 120x240 cm – 120x260 cm


Cemento is a ceramic product made from porcelain stoneware, created using carefully selected raw materials and advanced production techniques, making it extremely versatile and flexible. With the internal part of the tiles coloured in the same shade as the surfaces, the tiles recreated the material texture of cement.

Areas of application range from residential buildings to large commercial surfaces, public buildings, urban spaces, challenging modern architecture projects and the salvage and restoration of existing structures.


Marmoker: the precious colouration of real marble combined with the attributes of porcelain stoneware

Statuario Grigio Lucido 118x236 cm  46 1/2"x92 7/8"– Statuario Grigio Naturale 118x118 cm  46 1/2"x46 1/2"


By applying the latest in digital technology to porcelain stoneware, we are able to recreate the natural colouration found in blocks of the finest marble extracted from natural caves.

Thanks to a sophisticated and detailed processing phase, the Marmoker collection captures the shine, the stunning colouration, the designs and the veining typical of natural marble in ceramic tiles that feel like infinite surfaces. Also available in the Bookmatch and Endmatch tiles: random, unrepeated veining and colouration makes Marmoker porcelain stoneware tiles perfect for any project where prestige is key.

Bookmatch features two 118x258 cm tiles that can be combined in a number of different ways, reproducing the endless feel of marble veining in the Marmoker Statuario Grigio, Statuario Oro and Arabesque finishes.

Endmatch, meanwhile, is a collection of four 118x258 cm tiles in the Marmoker Statuario Grigio and Statuario Oro finishes, featuring continuous designs intended to be arranged in sequence to showcase their stunningly diverse aesthetics.

Statuario oro Endmatch  118x258 cm  46 1/2"x1015/8"– statuario Oro  118x118 cm  46 1/2"x46 1/2"

This makes it possible to lay the tiles in a continuous sequence, creating a effect symmetrical and a particularly sophisticated aesthetic end product - this is seen as a sign of top quality in natural marble. 


Onici: the beauty of light reflections

The Onici collection of marble-effect porcelain stoneware from Casalgrande Padana has been designed to satisfy a transversal demand for style, bring elegance and magic to all surfaces, and enhance contemporary and classic spaces. All this is possible thanks to sophisticated colour variations, the elegant use of light and shade, and stunning reflections that bring dynamism to every space, all the while guaranteeing unbeatable performance.

Onice Miele 118x118 cm 46 ½”x46 ½”, 118x236 cm 46 ½”x92 7/8”


Pietre di paragone: stone-effect porcelain stoneware

Pietre di paragone uses porcelain stoneware to revisit types of stone that were traditionally used in construction. These materials encapsulate local memories and stories of “old Europe”, a unique melting pot of history, cultures and events.

The materials that provided the inspiration for this collection are unique one-offs, yet in their porcelain stoneware versions they become suitable for use as flooring and coverings.

Pietra di Cardoso 120x240 cm  471/4"x941/2"– 120x120 cm  47 1/2"x471/2"  Golden Paint 120x240 cm   47 1/2"x471/2


Pietre di Sardegna: porcelain stoneware tiles of timeless uniqueness

Pietre di Sardegna combines the timeless elegance of natural stone with the longevity and attributes of porcelain stoneware ceramic tiles. Each tile is a unique, one-off piece.

Porto Rotondo 120x120 cm  47 1/2"x471/2 – 120x240 cm  471/4"x941/2"

All Kontinua tiles are also available in the following versions: Bios Antibacterial, with its certified anti-bacterial properties, and Bios Self-Cleaning®, which is self-cleaning and also helps to disperse harmful agents.

Let yourself be inspired by the vast selection of formats, surfaces and designs available across the Cemento, Marmoker, Pietre di Paragone and Pietre di Sardegna collections and inject some of your style into every space!


We’ve expanded the Kontinua collection, adding larger dimensions and stunning designs. Thanks to digital printing technology, our large porcelain stoneware tiles can be used to add optical illusions, geometric designs and multi-colour decorations to walls.

The new 6.5 and 12 mm thicknesses allow us to broaden the horizons of ceramic tiling. Our stunning marble effect, stone effect and cement effect tiles can be arranged to create unbroken surfaces, perfect for cutting-edge architecture.

The large formats allow us to achieve visual continuity between different parts of the home. They’re perfectly compatible with traditional thicknesses, ensuring aesthetic and functional coordination and a striking effect.

Golden Paint 120x240 cm 471/4"x941/2"


Optical 120x240 cm  471/4"x941/2"


Blue Falls 120x240 cm  471/4"x941/2"


Diagonal 120x240 cm  471/4"x941/2"


Round Square 120x240 cm  471/4"x941/2"


Exclusive, personalised areas of application

By combining traditional thickness formats and Kontinua porcelain stoneware tiles, we’re able to increase the number of creative combinations available to designers, making it possible to achieve stylistic and visual continuity between different spaces and ensuring maximum versatility of use in different areas. These include integrated flooring and tiling solutions, technical applications such as ventilated facades and cladding and even big projects like public spaces, large commercial areas, urban projects, yachting, wellness and residential spaces.

Moreover, Kontinua porcelain stoneware tiles can easily be cut and drilled into for bespoke or personalised applications. They lend themselves well to the areas of furniture and interior design, including made-to-measure pieces such as kitchen worktops, bathroom surfaces, tables, furniture tops, wardrobes and dividing walls, opening up a world of possibilities for designers.


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