Cement-effect porcelain stoneware with bold, modern appeal

May 19, 2019

Cement-effect porcelain stoneware with bold, modern appeal

Cement-effect porcelain stoneware is one of the most popular trends around right now for lovers of that urban chic style.

Manhattan and R-Evolution are Casalgrande Padana’s new cement-effect porcelain stoneware collections from the Granitoker line. These innovative materials provide a bold, contemporary take on cement, enhanced with a stunning marbled colour effect.

These versatile, far-reaching collections are perfect for a number of scopes of application: residential construction, public buildings, urban furnishings, ambitious modern architecture and projects aiming at saving and restoring existing buildings.

R-Evolution Terra, Tortora 60x120 cm  23 5/8"x 47 1/4"


Manhattan Queens 90x90 cm  35 3/8"x35 3/8"  - Mosaico Queen  30x30 cm  4 3/4"x4 3/4"


R-Evolution White, Sand 60x120 cm  23 5/8"x 47 1/4"

Let’s look at how to pick the most suitable option, whether it’s refreshing the flooring in our living room or the tiling in our bathroom or making our homes more modern and sophisticated and creating more of a link between inside and out.



Manhattan cement-effect porcelain stoneware has a neutral colour, where beauty and functionality of the continuity between flooring and coverings help to give living spaces a refined, harmonious feel by elegantly channelling industrial architecture.


Manhattan Harlem 60x60 cm 23 5/8"x23 5/8"



Manhattan Tribeca 60x60 cm  23 5/8"x23 5/8"- Mosaico Tribeca 30x30 cm    4 3/4"x4 3/4"




R-Evolution is the result of passionate research into material and colour. It's capable of redefining the design of and bringing sophisticated personality to any space.

The varied nuances of the classic colours evoke the material the collection is inspired by, while a more adventurous range of daring cement-effect porcelain stoneware tiles showcases creativity and opens up a world of possibilities: from residential construction to commercial projects till facade cladding.

R-Evolution Light Pink 60x120 cm  23 5/8"x47 1/4"


R-Evolution Green 60x120 cm  23 5/8"x47 1/4"

A series of modern, bold decorations complete the colour renge.


R-Evolution Blu with Sand- Tortora Stripes 60x120 cm  23 5/8"x47 1/4"


R-Evolution Blu with Total White-Blue Stripes 60x120 cm  23 5/8"x47 1/4"


Why choose Casalgrande Padana's cement-effect porcelain stoneware?

Manhattan and R-Evolution have been created using the most advanced production technology around, allowing us to produce a sophisticated, clear, long-lasting product that can bring character to a space and make it welcoming, exclusive or informal.

The collections’ extraordinary resistance to impact, abrasions, scratches, bending, pollutants, fire, stains and chemical agents makes them the ideal solution for floorings and coverings.

Casalgrande Padana’s porcelain stoneware is impermeable, safe - in that it contains no chemical waterproofing agents, varnishes or resins - and environmentally friendly, because the vast majority of by-products from the production process can be reused, which greatly reduces our impact on the environment. The tiles are also easy to lay and require no special maintenance.

Guided by its long-standing company values, Casalgrande Padana works tirelessly to develop the best possible production technology, in order to produce products that are sophisticated, long-lasting, high-performing and environmentally friendly, as shown by our ISO 14011 and EMAS certifications.

Keep an eye on our cement-effect collections and bring a touch of class and creativity into your space!

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