New at Cersaie 2019

Sept. 16, 2019

New at Cersaie 2019

Marmoker: the precious colour effects of marble combined with the performance of porcelain stoneware

New porcelain stoneware tiles have been added to the Marmoker collection, which is now even richer. The timeless charm of Calacatta Extra, Titan White, and Canova, with the same classic veining on a white background that ignited the creativity of Tuscan masters; the delicate shades of White Musk, Fior di Pesco, and Oyster Grey; the brighter tones of Caribbean Green, Brown Forest, and Night Storm; the contrasts between Orange Black or Rosso Francia, and the darker shades of Ossidiana and the warmer ones of Tangerine.


Marble-effect porcelain stoneware tiles in 48 colours that recreate the typical traits of the natural stone they are named after. Available in sizes ranging from 59x59 cm to the large slabs measuring 160x320 cm, with natural or shiny finish and with the 6.5 mm or the traditional 10 mm thickness.

Marmoker is Casalgrande Padana’s new collection of porcelain stoneware tiles that brings nature’s charm and uniqueness to human-made settings, recreating the image of natural marble and stones associated with the excellent performance of ceramic.

Marmoker is a summary of the masterpieces that nature has created over the centuries. The perfect collection to create exclusive floorings and wall coverings, associating the excellent technical features of porcelain stoneware with the aesthetic quality of the surfaces. They are perfect for high-traffic settings, as they stand out for their resistance to wear, aggressive chemicals, and frost, as well as their flexural strength, colour inalterability, and hygiene (thanks to the Bios Antibacterial®HYDROTECT technology). All these features ensure the comfort of those who live in these spaces without having to worry about maintenance.

The marble-effect porcelain stoneware tiles of the Marmoker collection add character to any setting with a strong identity and a bold style. Precious materials that porcelain stoneware brings to life to create a unique, warm, and elegant atmosphere in any building.

Flooring and coverings: Night Storm 118x236 cm, 118x118 cm and Titan White 118x258 cm


Flooring: Tangerine

Coverings: Calacatta Extra


Nature becomes a décor

Macro and Terrazzo are the two granite-effect porcelain stoneware tile collections that give a contemporary twist to marble-grit and seminato floorings, in which the random repetition of irregular elements creates the effect of a natural carpet.

With Macro, it’s the material itself that takes centre stage to become a décor, an image resulting from the combination of stones and pebbles, irregular pieces of a dynamic puzzle that adds an elegant touch to the room.

Moro, Bianco, Carnico, and Grigio are the four variants available in sizes that range from 59x59 cm to 118x236 cm, with the 6.5 mm or the traditional 10 mm thickness. All these variants come with shiny finish to emphasise the overall image of the surface and many shade variations.

This collection is perfect for residential use but creates a warm atmosphere in any setting, including hotel lobbies, shops, restaurants, eateries and retail spaces.


Macro Moro

Terrazzo is a reinterpretation of a natural “mosaic” made with pieces of different sizes that find their position within the perimeter of the tile to create an elegant and sophisticated set. Designed mainly for residential settings, this new collection of granite-effect porcelain stoneware tiles creates a continuous surface with a seamless image.

Terrazzo is available in Pearl, Grey, White, Black, and Beige, with shiny and natural antislip Grip R11 finishes, and in the following sizes: 30x60 cm, 60x60 cm, 37.5x75.5 cm, 75.5x75.5 cm, and 90x90 cm.

Our porcelain stoneware tiles give a contemporary twist to the charm of a Venetian seminato or terrazzo flooring, the atmosphere in which a grit flooring is synonymous with home, and the polished surface that emphasised the contrast between irregular elements and the rigorous geometry of the rooms.


Limpha: we have taken nature’s beauty and put it in a ceramic tile.

Limpha is Casalgrande Padana’s new porcelain stoneware tile collection that draws inspiration from climbing plants to transform a wall covering into an element of natural beauty. And now, the collection has been enriched with the new Coral Rose and Larix textures, available in the 120x240 cmlarge format with a 6.5 mm thickness and natural finish.

Its wide scope of application and exclusive technical features (frost-, abrasion-, and wear-resistance, light fastness, and flexural strength) make the porcelain stoneware of the Limpha collection suitable for interiors and exteriors, new buildings and restorations alike. From private residentialsettings to publicbuildings, from the redevelopment of offices, schools, and gyms to the improvement of anonymous and obsolete volumes, the Limpha collection adds personality, improves performance, and eliminates maintenance costs.

Limpha Coral Rose 120x240 cm

In the presence of sunlight, the Bios Self Cleaning® technology allows the large porcelain stoneware tiles of the Limpha collection to reduce air pollutants and decompose dirt deposits, which are washed away from the tiles’ surface by rainwater, thanks to the superhydrophilicity of the ceramic surface.

A beautiful wall that can help improve the quality of life by reducing pollution and improving air quality.


The new collections of the Extragres 2.0 range

Extragres 2.0, the range of colours and surfaces of the Amazzonia, Country Wood, Kerblock, Parchi, Pietra Baugè, and Pietre di Sardegna collections with a 20 mm thickness is now even richer with the addition of the Manhattan and Terrazzo collections and the Gré Bianco, Gré Grigio, and Onsernone colours of the Pietre di Paragone collection.

Pietre di paragone Gré Grigio 60x60 cm

These perfectly squared and rectified monolith porcelain stoneware tiles are versatile, sturdy, and functional and feature an antislip surface finish. The perfect solution for meeting every design requirement in public and residential outdoor spaces, such as terraces, beaches, turf and gravel walkways, and urban areas.









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