Onici by Casalgrande Padana: the beauty of light reflections

Nov. 28, 2019

Onici by Casalgrande Padana: the beauty of light reflections

The Onici collection of marble-effect porcelain stoneware from Casalgrande Padana has been designed to satisfy a transversal demand for style, bring elegance and magic to all surfaces, and enhance contemporaryand classic spaces. All this is possible thanks to sophisticated colour variations, the elegant use of light and shade, and stunning reflections that bring dynamism to every space, all the while guaranteeing unbeatable performance.

Onice Miele 118x118 cm  461/2"x461/2", 118x236 cm  46 1/2"x927/8"

The range encompasses six different textures, all of which are inspired by the beauty of quartz, a natural material which forms the basis of Onice. The colours on offer take their lead from classic shades, but put a contemporary spin on these.

The glossy finish enhances the appearance of the surfaces, boosting their shine and creating a timelessly elegant feel, while the impressive properties of the marble-effect porcelain stoneware mean that the tiles are highly versatile and can adapt to any space and style, be that contemporary, classic, chic, sophisticated or industrial.

Onice Bianco 118x118 cm  46 1/2"x46 1/2", 118x258 cm  46 1/2"x101 5/8"

Onici is recommended for both flooring and tiling in a range of indoor and outdoor settings. It's highly practical in residential projects, where – thanks to its modularity and large formats – it allows designs to experiment with new solutions such as bespoke worktops and furnishings. Yet Onici is also ideal for settings that experience high levels of footfall, such as restaurants, airports, shopping centres and offices.

Onice Quarzo, Onice Ghiaccio 118x118 cm  46 1/2"x46 1/2", 118x236 cm 46 1/2"x 92 7/8", 118x258 cm  46 1/2"x101 5/8"

The large formats and sleek thicknesses of the tiles make Onici an essential design alley for architects and interior designers, who are able to use the collection for technical applications such as facade claddings and ventilated facade all over the world. This is thanks to the intrinsic characteristics of porcelain stoneware, which include longevity, resistance to frost, colour alterations and bending and impermeability. Furthermore, the unique Bios Self Cleaning technology independently keeps the tiles clean and ensures ongoing hygiene.

Onici is a unique material whose DNA is steeped in the extraordinary appeal of precious stones and a magical aura deriving from its intense relationship with light. Made from high-performance porcelain stoneware, Onici is available in the large and thin Kontinua format, which is the perfect way to showcase the stunning colouration, delicate reflections, dynamic tones, and light and shade typically found in natural stone.

Onice Avorio 118x118 cm 46 1/2"x46 1/2" , 118x236 cm  46 1/2"x 92 7/8"

Suitable for all settings, Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware is hygienic and capable of eliminating the main bacterial strains thanks to its Bios Antibacterial technology. It’s an environmentally friendly, safe and sustainable material in that it respects the environment and health and safety, contains no plastic and is completely recyclable. It is fire resistant and emits no harmful substances, it doesn’t undergo changes over time and can be easily cleaned, with no special maintenance required. The tiles won't become deformed and are resistant to frost and all chemical detergents.

Onici is set to help define the spaces of the future through research and memory, innovation and knowledge, technology and recognition of the past. Create your preferred style and let yourself be inspired!

Onice Ghiaccio, Onice Striato 118x118 cm 46 1/2"x46 1/2", 118x236 cm  46 1/2"x 92 7/8"

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