Interlocking flooring: the best choice for an automated home

June 29, 2020

Revêtements de sol à encastrement : le meilleur choix pour une maison domotique

by Sara Costi

The dry interlocking installation system is a fast, technically complete and aesthetically appealing solution able to engage with the home automation systems to create a smart home able to satisfy the most complex design requirements. Let’s see how.

What is dry interlocking installation?

The Ars Ratio dry interlocking installation by Casalgrande Padana involves bonding each ceramic tile to a support and to a special high-resistance perimeter edge, composed - depending on the intended use - of reinforced polystyrene or plaster reinforced with glass fibres.

The end result is a finished floor with slim standard 3 mm joints that make it watertight and prevent infiltrations and ensure it can be walked on immediately, as well as guaranteeing stability and resistance to both distributed and concentrated loads.

Flooring: Marte Thassos
Flooring: R-Evolution Black

Interlocking flooring for home automation

Unlike a traditional system in which the various functions of the home are activated with switches or regulation devices that do not interact with one another, homes with automation technology allow for coordinated management of all the devices that are interconnected. Today, home automation systems make it possible to switch lights on and off, automatically open and close curtains, shutters and windows, regulate temperature in multiple are