Small stoneware tiles for original, sophisticated spaces

Dec. 22, 2021

Small stoneware tiles for original, sophisticated spaces

by Sara Costi

Styles and fashions come around in cycles, and alongside large-size tiles, we’re also witnessing the return of small tiles. Suitable for floors and walls both indoors and outdoors, small-size porcelain stoneware tiles are easy to lay, and are resistant to high temperatures, humidity, stains, wear and tear, impact, and abrasion. They are also non-absorbent, fire-resistant, and antibacterial, thanks to the Bios Antibacterial® treatment that can be applied on request.

Flooring: Pietre di Sardegna Porto Rotondo - Covering: Brickworks - Nuances Neve and Nuances Aliseo
Covering: Brickworks Nuances Petunia Nera

Modern, versatile and with distinctive, appealing variations in colour, the small-size tile collections are a stylish option for contemporary living spaces, embracing a desire for sophistication and elegance. Perfect for bringing a personal touch to any furnishing project with original laying patterns, these tiles help add definition - and a dash of creativity - to settings with a vintage, rustic, country, Provençal, Mediterranean, shabby or boho chic, modern or minimalist style.

In keeping with the latest trends, Brickworks by Casalgrande Padana comes in three variants: Nuances, Muretto, Petra and Opus.

Colour variations and vibrant light effects shape the new Brickworks Nuances collection, a range of small (8.2x25 cm) stoneware tiles with a no-frills, contemporary design. A simple palette of eight different plain, even colours (ranging from the saturated shades of green and blue to the more neutral tones of black and white), available in two surface finishes that are opposites in terms of light reflection, with the satin version reflecting no light, in contrast to the bright polished version.

Because they can be laid with a horizontal, vertical, diagonal, mixed or herringbone pattern, the small 8.2x25 tiles in the Brickworks Nuances collection are perfect for embellishing a fireplace or a niche set into the wall, or for creating the backdrop for a bookcase. They also offer a creative solution for tiling bathroom and kitchen walls, or the external walls of a patio or a veranda, and are also ideal for creating a focal point on an outdoor wall of a swimming pool area.

Flooring: Cementina Multicolor Grigia - Covering: Brickworks Nuances Mercurio
Flooring: Covering: Brickworks Nuances Cameo
Flooring: Tavolato Sbiancato - Covering: Brickworks Nuances Blue
Flooring: Petra Perla - Covering: Brickworks Nuances Verde Persia

Brickworks Muretto comes in six colours (Bianco, Calce, Grigio, Lava, Nero and Mattone) with a natural surface and a light, pleasant pattern featuring delicate shading effects. Offered in a single 8.2×25 cm size, the new collection can be used for a range of different, creative laying patterns: from horizontal to staggered joints that recall the typical brickwork pattern, to geometric laying schemes with overlapping joints, as well as vertical installation.

Available in six colours (Antracite, Bianco, Grigio, Oro, Perla and Sabbia) and in a single 8.2x25 cm size, the new Brickworks Petra range of coverings mimics the colours typical of quartzite, bringing a unique touch of class to living spaces. This warm, enveloping, versatile range is able to adapt to a huge variety of styles, making it the ideal solution to embellish indoor or outdoor walls, adding character and personality to any setting.

Flooring: Petra Perla - Covering: Brickworks Petra Sabbia

The superb adaptability and resistance of Brickworks Muretto and Brickworks Petra wall tiles also make them ideal for the backsplash, a central element in kitchen furnishings used to protect and preserve the walls from heat, humidity, grease and wear and tear.

Washbasin covering: Petra Perla - Wall covering: Brickworks Petra Perla
Flooring: Nature Lava - Covering: Muretto Bianco

The timeless charm of cementine tiles makes a return to our living spaces. Opus by Casalgrande Padana is a vibrant, modern collection of small 20x20 cm stoneware tiles. Elegant geometric patterns intersect to create original patchwork effects that are also ideal for creating sophisticated walls and original rug-like effects.

Cementina Multicolor Beige
Opus Beige and Cementina Multicolor Beige
Flooring: Opus Grigio and Cementina Multicolor Grigia - Covering: Cementina Multicolor Grigia

Small-size tiles for façade applications

Innovative covering systems with glued ceramic tiles, ventilated walls or cladding systems allow for the installation of ceramic materials with top-quality characteristics, able to offer important advantages for buildings in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as boosting hygrometric performance. Applying tiles to building façades protects the masonry structure and eliminates the thermal bridges that cause heat dispersion, thus offering significant energy savings. These façade coverings also eliminate surface condensation and localised mould, thus enhancing the appearance of the building and preserving its aesthetic and technical characteristics.

Thanks to Bios Self Cleaning® technology, significant advantages can also be obtained in terms of reducing cleaning and maintenance times and costs, as well as an authentic improvement in air quality. The superhydrophilicity of the Bios Self Cleaning® ceramic surface is able to eliminate the pollutants present in the air and to break down the dirt that settles on the surface of the tiles, so it can be washed away by rainwater. From small villages to huge cities, each building can thus help improve the appearance of their surroundings and boost energy saving.

Flooring: Petra Sabbia - Covering: Brickworks Petra Sabbia

Small porcelain stoneware tiles, perfect for embellishing, furnishing and bringing a personal touch to any project. A versatile design resource for creating ton-sur-ton looks coordinated with the floor, or delightful colour contrasts able to embellish, enhance and enliven any setting.

Perfectly complementing furnishings, accessories and drapes, Casalgrande Padana stoneware tiles are the ideal choice for designing elegant, refined living spaces with a pleasant, comfortable, regenerating ambience, ready to tune into the requirements of the modern home.

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