Autumn/winter colour trends: a return to nature with warm, intense shades

Nov. 8, 2019

Herbst-Winter-Farbtrends: zurück zur Natur mit warmen und intensiven Farbtönen

by Sara Costi

Autumn is finally here in all its beauty. Nature dons its warm earthy colours, from brown to green, and shines with intense shades of yellow, orange, and red. Winter and the most magical time of the year are around the corner. Temperatures are dropping, and fireplaces, heaters, and radiators are warming up our houses. It’s the perfect time to change the atmosphere in your home to make it warm and cosy: the perfect place to relax reading a book or watching a film while sipping a hot drink and nibbling on some biscuits.

The 2020 autumn/winter top colour trends include earthy colours, such as intense tones of brown and the different shades of beige, but also brighter hues, like orange and yellow, which bring to mind warm sunlight. These colours, combined with stone-effect or wood-effectporcelain stoneware tiles with their sinuous grain and texture, will help you create a timeless atmosphere.


Flooring: Geowood - Koa


Flooring: Ulivo Noce


Flooring: Pietre Etrusche - Santafiora


Another trendy colour for interiors is an intense shade of blue with indigo notes. A brownwood effectporcelain stoneware flooring or the warm shade of the stone-effect flooring resembling Cotto combined with white and blue are a perfect solution for a bedroom. White is the colour for bed sheets and linens whereas blue, the colour of the sky, is one of the most relaxing colours for a bedroom.

Flooring: Planks Bruno


Flooring: Pietra Baugè Beige


The colour trends for this autumn/winter are all about alternating intense colours with more neutral shades for results of great aesthetic impact. If your living room is decorated in white or neutral colours, you can revamp it by adding a touch of colour with accessories, textiles, and furnishings in the new trendy colours. For example, amaranth, an elegant shade of red perfect for the chairs, sofas, armchairs, pouffes and cushions. This shade is also great for your towels, candles, and soaps in your bathroom to create a classy contrast with a light porcelain stoneware flooring. In the bedroom, this shade of red can add an original touch to your bed linens, blankets or curtains.

Flooring: Architecture Cool Grey


Flooring: Architecture Cool Grey


Flooring: Architecture Cool Grey


Tartan (a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands) can be an original idea for your floors or walls. You can add inserts in this year’s trendy colours – amaranth and bright green – skilfully combined to match the rest of the setting. The rigorous grey and white lines of the Architecture collection are brightened up by shades of Purple and Acid Green to add a cheerful and colourful touch.

Flooring: Architecture Dark Grey, Light Grey, White and Purple



Flooring: Architecture Dark Grey, Light Grey, White and Acid Green


The top 2020 autumn/winter colour trends are all about nature, and green – from intense woodland green to light sage – has a special place.

Flooring: R-Evolution Green - Coverings: Esagoni R-Evolution Green


Flooring: Caleidoscopio Pistacchio


If you prefer softer, subdued colours, you can opt for neutral shades, such as powder pink, the various shades of beige of the wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles, the timeless grey of the stone-effect tiles, or the bold tones of the concrete-effect ones.

Flooring: Geowood Oak


Flooring and coverings: Beton Ivory


Pink – from bright fuchsia to soft powder pink – is a must for this season.

Flooring: Beton Pearl - Coverings: Beton Affresco Sand and Pearl


A nice blanket in a warm colour folded on a corner of the sofa is handy for cold winter nights but also a pleasure to see.

Flooring: Amazzonia Dragon Beige


When you choose the colours for your home, you need to focus on the size and lighting of the rooms. Neutral colours are certainly better for smaller or poorly lit rooms, especially if the predominant colour is that of the floors or walls. Emerald green, for example, a favourite among this year’s autumn/winter colour trends, requires well-lit settings to be fully appreciated.

If you love bright colours, but your house is small or poorly lit, you can choose accessories in intense colours alternated with muted colours and enhance them with the warm light of a floor lamp or skilfully positioned spotlights.

This year’s autumn/winter interior trends are also about adding autumn-themed decorations, including pumpkins, perfect for adding a warm and colourful touch to your entrance or windowsills or even as a centrepiece. Next time you take a walk in the woods, you can pick colourful autumn leaves and use them with driedflowers to create pastel flower compositions in wicker baskets. Candles are the best accessories to create the right atmosphere while waiting for Christmas to come. You can arrange them on a tray and add berries, moss, and a few pine cones to create beautiful decorations and centrepieces. Or you can make a wreath using spruce twigs and add warm lights to decorate your door, windowsills or railings.

Humans have always lived immersed in colour. It’s like a form of energy that affects us physically, mentally, and spiritually while evoking a complex physiological and emotional response.

New ideas, a sweet, stylish touch, textural effects, sparkling nuances with a pinch of glitter, and a classy, ethereal atmosphere will create the cosy setting while waiting for nature to awake in spring.














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