Solidarity in architecture: Casalgrande Padana and TAMassociati

Solidarity in architecture: Casalgrande Padana and TAMassociati

Projects by TAMassociati with Casalgrande Padana

There is a link between Casalgrande Padana’s ceramic tiles, the TAMassociati architecture studio and a series of paediatric centres and general healthcare facilities.

Which projects are we referring to? Four in particular. TAMassociati is renowned around the world for undertaking projects and initiatives with high social impact, for its work in the field of cooperation, the tertiary sector, organisations which support the solidarity-based economy, healthcare facilities and aid providers (including Emergency) in some of the most problem-hit areas in the Southern Hemisphere. The projects we’ll be profiling today are the Salam Cardiology Centre, the Nyala Paediatric Centre, the Emergency Paediatric Centre and the Goderich Surgical and Paediatric Centre.

All four projects were complex and challenging, on account of the issues affecting the locations in question and the need to work in impoverished areas where economic resources were scarce while harnessing the potential of sustainable, informed architecture to create unique spaces. The support of Casalgrande Padana – a leading producer of ceramics in Italy and around the world – was crucial in all of this. One of the main reasons why TAMassociati chose Casalgrande Padana was the technical properties of its ceramic tiles: these are particularly well suited to the world of healthcare given that they boast Bios Ceramics anti-bacterial technology.

[…] fully-glazed ceramic tiles – in porcelain stoneware – from the Bios Antibacterial Ceramics line were used for the floors and walls of the new emergency department and operating theatres. The patented tiles are certified to the highest anti-bacterial standards and thus particularly suitable for this field.

Salam Cardiology Centre

Special care was taken to choose the most suitable materials and construction techniques when building the Salam Cardiology Centre in Khartoum, Sudan, such was the complexity involved in the planning and execution of the project.

Products from Casalgrande Padana’s Technic collection, part of the Granitogres line, were used for all the floors and interior walls. The colour chosen for the project was Nebraska, with the tiles supplied in the 30×30 format. The Secura finish was used in the corridors and rooms, with polished tiles preferred in the operating rooms, given the unique nature of the material.

ph. Marcello Bonfanti

In choosing the ceramic tiles, TAMassociati was attracted not only by the impressive technical attributes of collection, but also by the anti-slip surface and increased thickness of the tiles, which ensured they met the required levels of reliability and practicality. The tiles chosen guarantee hygiene and safety as well as maximum resistance to physical and chemical stresses such as footfall, wear and tear, impacts, scrapes and temperature variations.

Emergency Paediatric Centre – Bangui

Located in Bangui, in the Central African Republic, this facility is of vital importance in a country where the average life expectancy is just 44 years. Doctors and other healthcare professionals use the building to take care of children and youngsters up to the age of 15, bringing a little hope into everyday life in the Central African Republic, which the UNDP rates in 171st place out of 177. There can surely be no greater example of how architecture can be a carrier of noble values, a catalyst for humanity – the functional expression of a space born to serve. TAMassociati again opted for the Technic collection, part of the Granitogres line, in the Nebraska colour and the 30×30 format, with Secura and Polished finishes.

ph. Raul Pantaleo

Interesting fact: in order to entertain the young patients and try to distract them from their condition, at least for a moment, the courtyard is filled with a series of stunning animal sculptures, made by local craftspeople.

Emergency Paediatric Centre – Nyala

In Nyala, South Darfur, a 24-hour paediatric centre is working tirelessly to try to combat what is a desperate situation.

ph. TAMassociati

Nyala, the capital of South Darfur, is largely inhabited by refugees fleeing war. In response to the crisis, Emergency commissioned TAMassociati to build a facility that – like the other projects mentioned in this article – is packed with hi-tech solutions such as the Technic collection of ceramic tiles. These particular tiles were chosen on account of their strength, versatility and the possibility of adding Bios Ceramics technology, which is ideal for settings where hygiene and cleanliness are of the utmost importance.

Goderich Surgical and Paediatric Centre

Goderich is a village on the outskirts of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone.

ph. Massimo Grimaldi

In 2001, after civil war had destroyed the country and ravaged its health infrastructure, there was a pressing need to create a support network for the local population. A paediatric centre was built in 2002 and then substantially modernised in 2010. Behind the project was TAMassociati, working on behalf of Emergency, and once again the designers chose the Technic collection, part of the Granitogres line (30×30 format, Nebraska colour, Secura and Polished finishes) from Casalgrande Padana.

The key players: let’s get to know them better

If you want to find out more about the key players in this article – the TAMassociati architecture studio, the Emergency charity and of course Casalgrande Padana’s collections of ceramic tiles – we recommend that you visit the relevant websites.

You can find more information and in-depth analysis on these projects in the 34th edition of Percorsi in Ceramica, which is available at in PDF format for download or online browsing. The magazine is available in Italian/English and German/French versions.

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