The glass mosaics Padana Glass complete the offer of swimming pool products with the technical and aesthetical possibilities offered by small size materials. The 2x2 cm mosaic can be easily installed on rounded surfaces, in corners, out corners and any other building element inside and/or outside the pool. The range includes Atolli-Uni, plain colors, and Atolli-Mix, made of a mix of different colors. Padana Glass offers the possibility to Architects and Designers to re-create transparencies of tropical seas inside pools or charming landscapes around them. Padana Glass has a thickness of 3 mm only, it is light to transport and easy to install on both floors and walls. Supplied on sheets with paper on front side.

An expressive colour palette that brings the best out of a collection of tiles renowned for their practicality, aesthetics and strength.

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32.2 x 32.2 cm

13" x 13"

3 mm

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