Bios antibacterial

Bios Antibacterial® is the exclusive silver-based treatment Casalgrande Padana applies to its tiles, and which is able to eliminate 99% of the bacteria present on the ceramic surface. The antibacterial capacity is permanently incorporated into the tiles, and is active at all times, both in the presence of light and in the dark, and unlike many products marketed as antibacterial, it does not require UV rays for activation.

In practice, the elimination of 100% of bacteria cannot be guaranteed, so researchers worldwide have set the efficacy threshold at over 90%, because only at these levels can a really significant reduction of bacteria be recorded. Therefore, the scientific community does not take values below this 90% threshold into consideration, so products that do not reach this level cannot be defined antibacterial.

Bios Antibacterial

Following strict laboratory tests, Bios Antibacterial® proved capable of eliminating 99% of the four main strains of bacteria that are responsible for infections in hospital environments and have been adopted as the standard because they represent the most aggressive category, in some cases even resistant to antibiotics: Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus faecalis, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Unlike the most common disinfectants, a bactericidal product such as Bios Antibacterial® is able to guarantee continual protection against these micro-organisms in three ways: it interrupts cell metabolism, blocks the processes of transport into the membrane and prevents the multiplication of the cells.

Bad smells are some of the factors that most deteriorate the quality of an environment, as well as being a tangible sign of a low level of air and surface  hygiene. In bathrooms, bad smells are generated by a combination of urea,germs and bacteria that produce ammonia and trimethylamine. Similar effects may be had in kitchens as a reaction with organic micro-residues. In addition, also in bathrooms or poolside, a concentration of sebum and shed skin cells, combined with germs, forms stains and slippery spots that, as well as deteriorating the appearance of a facing, may reduce the anti-slipping properties of the surfaces and their safety when walked over.
In all these cases, the antibacterial effect of Bios Antibacterial® helps remove bad smells and retain the anti-slipping properties of the tiles even without any light, for perfect safety.

As it is a biocidal process, Bios Antibacterial® is compliant with the European Biocidal Products Regulation (EU BPR 528/2012), and may therefore be marketed by all countries in the European Union. It is important to emphasise that products that do not meet the requisites cannot in any way be defined antibacterial, and that it is illegal for them to be marketed in Europe. Unfortunately, we are witnessing a large number of ceramic manufacturers on the market selling antibacterial treatments that are not compliant with the European regulation. Technology applied to ceramic tiles is also subject to an international reference standard of the OECD, and certified by the German entity BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing).

The exclusive formula of Bios Antibacterial® guarantees excellent performance in all lighting conditions, and even when there is no light whatsoever. Protection is active round the clock, and does not require UV rays for activation, unlike other products on the market that use photocatalytic (titanium dioxide) technologies that function only in the presence of light. Bios Antibacterial® treatment is composed of the dispersion in water of silver nanoparticles, incorporated irreversibly into the tile body during the production process. Thanks to the high surface-volume ratio of the nanoparticles, low levels of metallic silver are sufficient to guarantee effective, lasting antimicrobial performance. Because of its superior material characteristics, Bios Antibacterial® does not interfere negatively with the physical and chemical characteristics of the finished product, and also preserves its appearance.

Unpleasant odours are among the causes that have the biggest impact on the quality of an environment, as well as a tangible sign of poor hygiene of the air and of surfaces. In kitchens, bathroom areas and humid environments such as gyms, swimming pools and spas, unpleasant odours are created by a combination of germs and bacteria with organic micro-residue that leads to the formation of stains and slimy deposits. Biofilms attack tiles with resistant, foul-smelling mould, which not only makes them unpleasant to look at and difficult to clean, but also makes them less safe to walk on. Even with a complete absence of light, the antibacterial action of Bios Antibacterial® prevents the formation of mould, yeast and fungi, helps eliminate unpleasant odours and maintain the anti-slip properties of the tile, offering broad-ranging guarantees.

The Bios Antibacterial® treatment is incorporated into the ceramic product before the firing stage, and thus irreversibly and permanently becomes an integral part of it. Unlike treatments applied cold, after the firing stage, Casalgrande Padana’s antibacterial treatment maintains lasting efficacy, and is unaffected by wear and tear. The excellent mechanical resistance of porcelain stoneware also allows for vigorous periodic cleaning and maintenance cycles, guaranteeing a very long useful life for the product. Products with Bios Antibacterial® treatment added to them are suitable for an extraordinary range of applications in all fields, especially in environments subject to heavy foot traffic, such as shopping malls, airports, supermarkets, hospitals and schools, and for industrial flooring.

The active principle of Bios Antibacterial® is based on the use of silver, a noble material used in the production of everyday objects (cutlery, teapots, coins, ornaments), and renowned for its antibacterial properties since ancient times. Small amounts of the additive are sufficient to obtain an efficient treatment. Silver is also absolutely harmless for health, non-allergenic in contact with the skin, and does not give off substances that are harmful for the environment.

Constantly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces has become a priority, an everyday gesture that’s become part of our routine and essential not only for private settings, but above all for commercial and public premises that have large numbers of people passing through them. Ceramic tiles are naturally hygienic, non-absorbent and impressively impermeable and non-porous. Thanks to their durability, any detergent can be used, making it easier to sanitise surfaces repeatedly throughout the day. It is important to stress that the antibacterial technology is not an alternative to the normal procedures for cleaning and sanitising healthcare environments, but it does make them easier and more complete and allows for a healthier level to be maintained between cleaning sessions

Casalgrande Padana constantly promotes independent research programmes, collaborating with a number of internationally recognised entities. The performance over time of Bios Antibacterial® is verified by the Microbiology Section of the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the Pharmacy and Biotechnologies Department of the University of Bologna.

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