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Ventilated faced,Raised floors


Casalgrande Padana research centre draws on its vast experience and specialized knowledge accumulatedin 50 years of operation and success on international markets. The centre has started developing products and technical solutions for special realms of use, including industrial uses.

Kontinua. Full body slabs 6.5mm thick

Kontinua is the name of Casalgrande Padana’s large and thin porcelain stoneware slabs, the latest product in a constantly evolving range designed to expand the possible uses and broad scope of the brand's products.

The fact that the Kontinua range can be combined with traditional thickness slabs greatly increases the creative pairings available for architects designing integrated flooring and cladding solutions, technical applications, rainscreens and bespoke furnishings, in designs ranging from large public and commercial areas to residential environments.

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Extragres 2.0 external floating floor

Extragres 2.0 comprises the 20 mm thickness collections by Casalgrande Padana: monolithic tiles in porcelain stoneware, perfectly square-edged and rectified, with a non-slip surface, ideal for outdoor paving.

An innovative production process delivers products of outstanding hardness which are impervious and resistant to any external stress, and which combine exceptional technical performance with a natural, varied look. 

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Ceramics for facade applications

The ventilated façade is a system where the external walls of a building are clad with mechanical fastening and hanging devices.
The system includes a space where a thermal-insulating panel can be fixed on the wall of the building and which also allows for an adequate circulation of rising air (chimney-stack effect).


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Raised floors

The raised floor for interiors has been specially designed to provide a rational answer to the continual need for the flexibility required by technological innovation in places where there is a high concentration of process plant, like offices, data processing centers and the advanced services-producing sector. 
Thanks to this building system, a new floor surface can be constructed above the screed so as to create a "technical space" the height of which can vary from a few centimeters to over a meter. It can be easily removed and inspected underneath, and can be installed without creating limitations to the positions of any sort of plant (electricity, telephone, computer, air conditioning installations, etc). 

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Sottile 4.9 mm

SOTTILE is an innovative line of last generation ceramic materials and includes fully vitrified porcelain stoneware slabs characterised by a reduced thickness of only 4.9 mm. Designed and manufactured according to the existing laws regarding technical performance, the SOTTILE porcelain stoneware ensures from several points of view the same performance as products with traditional thickness with the addition of lightness, versatility and flexibility, if employed in the adequate contexts and in the correct way.

The SOTTILE slabs are obtained through advanced industrial methods and are easy to process in terms of cutting and drilling.

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Indoor Dry Flooring System

ArsRatio Casalgrande Padana is a radical change in the traditional concept of ceramic floors although it maintains all its qualities while turning a static element into a dynamic and flexible system. Its installation is extremely simple and versatile, its finishes are of great aesthetic value, it is resistant to both distributed and concentrated loads and proves to be the ideal solution for floors installed in exhibition spaces, shows, trade fair stands, showrooms, temporary shops, historical buildings and museum installations (to protect ancient and precious surfaces) and any other environment in the tertiary, commercial and residential sectors.

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Technical service and consulting

To complete the offer, Casalgrande Padana’s Engineering division provides customers with its technical service so as to give professional designers all the advice and technical help they need for all phases of their projects, from selecting the materials, to designing the laying arrangement, through to installation and maintenance.

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