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Linea Granitogres

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Granitogres is the evolved expression of fully vitrified unglazed porcelain stoneware. Granitogres can be used both for floor and wall tiling, and is the ideal solution for high traffic places, subjected to significant physical and chemical stress, but can also be used in residential architecture. This applies especially to the most prestigious collections, in which sturdiness is successfully matched with a great aesthetical refinement. Granitogres is suitable both for dry and wet or humid rooms (in the specific surface) and is available in different surface finishes: natural, polished, satin, honed, gloss, hammered and lapped. The huge range of colours, sizes, surfaces and special pieces allows architects and designers the greatest freedom of choice. Granitogres is suitable for every design solution, from the most original building of modern architecture to the restoration of classical buildings. Thanks to its superior technical qualities, extremely easy laying and ease of maintenance, Granitogres is the ideal choice anywhere.

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