NEW Kerinox: metal-effect porcelain stoneware tiles for contemporary spaces


Marmosmart: the smart porcelain stoneware


Macro: random repetition of irregular elements


Marmoker: the precious colour effects of marble


Terrazzo: continually expanding fragments of material


Large porcelain stoneware tiles


The evergreen porcelain stoneware that purifies the air

Ceramic. A safe choice.


Cement-effect porcelain stoneware with bold, modern appeal


Docks Marseille (Francia)

Hotel Hubertus

Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus Valdaora (Italy)


LuxLine, Pori (Finland)


Sapphire, Berlin (Germany)

International Architecture Contest

The Grand Prix Casalgrande Padana is an international architecture competition that selects and awards those professionals who, through their work, have best known how to use and exploit the technical features and expressive possibilities of the Casalgrande Padana materials.

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The beauty of Venetian-style flooring: Macro and Terrazzo

Venetian flooring – also known as terrazzo, mosaic or marble-grit flooring – boasts a long tradition. Composed of pebbles, stones and fragments of marble, it is one of the oldest types of flooring used in architecture: dating back to the Roman school of mosaics, it reached the peak of its splendour during the Renaissance in Venice.

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Interlocking flooring: the best choice for an automated home

The dry interlocking installation system is a fast, technically complete and aesthetically appealing solution able to engage with the home automation systems to create a smart home able to satisfy the most complex design requirements. Let’s see how.

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How to lay porcelain stoneware tiles

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20 / 6 / 2020

Kerinox Casalgrande Padana: soft brushstrokes and bright metal-effect reflections

The sophisticated creativity that is the hallmark of Casalgrande Padana has given rise to Kerinox, the new metal-effect collection in porcelain stoneware.

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We made history by building the future

Casalgrande Padana has been producing advanced ceramic materials for over 50 years: innovative and environment-friendly solutions for the creation of coatings, floors and coatings capable of responding to any creative and technological requirement of the world of architecture and design.

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