“ we made history by building the future”

We at Casalgrande Padana have been manufacturing innovative and environmentally-friendly floor, wall, and cladding tiles for more than 60 years, meeting any creative and technological requirement in the world of architecture and design.

100% Made in Italy

Casalgrande Padana adopts an industrial policy that is powerfully focussed on technological innovation and environmental sustainability.The Company is intensively engaged in research and experimentation for continuous product improvement in terms of appearance and performance. All its manufacturing, research and innovation take place in 100% Italian-based plants and laboratories.

In pursuit of the best

Every stage in the process is constantly monitored: from the selection of the raw materials to storage; from the grinding of the blend to the mixing and cooking of the tiles; from the manufacturing process to quality control on the end products; from unfailing technical training to effective professional assistance, evidence of the Company’s efforts to improve its manufacturing processes and pursue the highest standards ever.

The figures



at the heart of the world’s most important ceramic district


of production

accounted for by unglazed stoneware tiles


square metres

of industrial sites



square metres of stoneware tiles a year, all made in Italy



Our dedication to growth and innovation is not only for our clients, but also for our employees.



in 5 continents, served by its widespread sales network

Solutions, not products

Entirely made of natural raw materials, Casalgrande Padana’s stoneware is manufactured through a closed-circuit process that stands out for an extremely low environmental impact. The Company’s ceramic products go far beyond the usual products you can find on the market, as they are fit for any purpose or type of building.
However, Casalgrande Padana is not just a supplier, it gives pride of place to service and design consulting, with the highest executive and architectural standards in mind.
Approximately 80% of Casalgrande Padana's production is currently devoted to unglazed porcelain stoneware, a high-performing versatile material with excellent technical characteristics and superior aesthetic quality. Casalgrande Padana was an internationally forerunner in developing this special kind of finish, playing an important role in the material proving suitable to a wide range of architectural uses.

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