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May 13, 2005 scuola grande s. giovanni evangelista VENICE

May 13, 2005 scuola grande s. giovanni evangelista VENICE

Award ceremony in Venice for the winners of the 2002-2004 Grand Prix The sixth edition of the international architectural Grand Prix competition concluded in May 2005 with the award ceremony, held in Venice, in the prestigious Scuola Grande di S. Giovanni Evangelista. An event of significant importance which, in addition to the winners, saw the participation of numerous professionals, designers, journalists from the sector and representatives from the academic world and that of architectural culture. The P.P.C. Order of Architects of Venice were the patrons of the event, which Prof. Francesco Dal Co – professor of History of Architecture at the IUAV of Venice and director of the magazine Casabella – also participated to, expressing the hope of a more substantial commitment on the part of the institutions to give a suitable perspective to the development of architectural culture, underlining the importance of dialogue and interaction, between the various protagonists in the field of design and construction, and highlighting the need to rethink and redefine the role of the client, public and private, in giving greater thrust to the initiatives. In his presentation, Franco Manfredini – Chairman of Casalgrande Padana – illustrated the purpose of the Grand Prix, recalling how this competition, the only one of its kind, was unique also in the manner in which it was conducted and for the inspiration from which it originated. The sixth edition of the Grand Prix saw the participation of over 200 projects presented by over 150 designers coming from twenty-two countries. Overall the projects were of a very high standard and deserving of commendation, and from among them “it was very difficult to choose the best ones to award the prize to”.

Shopping and office centres (large surfaces)


Public buildings

Residential buildings

Swimming Pool


Franco Manfredini, CEO, (IT)

Presidente di Casalgrande Padana

Alfonso Acocella, Firenze (IT)

Lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ferrara

Gilda Bojardi, (IT)

Editor of the magazine "Interni" (Mondadori)

Pierre Colboc, Paris (FR)


Adalberto Dal Lago, (IT)

(Studio Holding Plan, Milano)

Franco Frison, Belluno (IT)

Architect, Designate of the National Council of Architects - Roma

Biagio Furiozzi, (IT)

Lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Firenze

Bengt Lundsten, (FI)

(Professor at the Polytechnic of Helsinki)

Angelo Silingardi, (IT)

(Chairman of the Order of Architects at Reggio Emilia; Director of the Centro Cooperativo Progettazione)

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