Japanese aesthetics meet Nordic minimalism: say hello to Japandi style

Feb. 15, 2021

Japanese aesthetics meet Nordic minimalism: say hello to Japandi style

by Sara Costi

Japan and Scandinavia, so far yet so close when it comes to design. The term Japandi is the union of the words Japanese and Scandi (Scandinavian). The Japanese notion of wabi-sabi (finding beauty in imperfection) meets Scandinavian Hygge (cosy contentment enjoying the small things in life). The result is the perfect blend of Japanese elegance and Nordic minimalism.

Japandi style brings together two very different worlds, blending elegance, subtlety, minimalism and austerity to create fresh, cosy, innovative and sophisticated settings.

This hybrid design style seems to have emerged in the summer of 1950. During a trip to Japan, Japanese-American sculptor and designer Isamu Noguchi was fascinated by the traditional bamboo basket weaving technique used by industrial designer Isamu Kenmochi. The collaboration between the two led to the iconic Bamboo Basket Chair, a symbol of the merger of Japanese and western culture. Another sculptural furniture classic that perfectly embodied Japandi Style is the 2013 Dream Chair by architect Tadao Ando for Carl Hansen & Søn.

Flooring: Supreme Taupe - Covering: Statuario Altissimo

Decorating your home Japandi style

Simplicity and functionality are the pillars of Japandi style. Clean and gentle Nordic lines blend with refined and elegant Japanese design, creating a harmonious contrast that adds a unique touch to your home.

Japandi rooms stand out for their timeless minimalism, tidy and functional spaces, comfort and cosiness with an approach that doesn’t follow the whims of trends. Light and muted colours blend with darker shades. Simple low-profile furniture featuring straight or rounded lines are perfect for this style. Traditional Japanese accessories, such as handmade ceramics, paper lamps, select practical designer furniture and accents together with large rugs, soft cushions, cosy blankets, and comfortable sofas will create a charming and relaxing setting.

Lighting is another essential aspect of Japandi interiors. Large windows let natural light flood in while next-generation lighting systems minimise energy consumption and environmental impact.

Flooring: Chalon Beige

Natural, raw fabrics without patterns are perfect for creating cosy settings full of character according to the Japanese imperfection-embracing notion of wabi-sabi. Cotton, wool, satin, and jute in shades of beige and brown are an obvious choice. Natural materials, such as wood (both in light and dark shades) or bamboo, are to be preferred for tables, shelves, chairs, beds, nightstands, wardrobes, and drawer units.

Flooring: Ulivo Chevron B Panna
Flooring and coverings: Resina Grey

How to choose the right colours for your Japandi interiors

When you embrace Japandi style, you’ll have to say goodbye to bright colours and choose muted shades that match natural materials, such as wood. Blue (in any shade), mint green, emerald green, ivory, pastel pink, grey, and ochre yellow are great choices to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

How to create Japandi style in your outdoor spaces

Japandi style also means creating sustainable and salubrious spaces. Plants are much more than just décor. They add a touch of nature and play a primary role as they bring energy, positivity and radiance to your indoor and outdoor spaces. Have fun creating small green corners with Ikebana flower arrangements, herbs, simple and refined bouquets or bonsai trees. You can even include mini-greenhouses, Zen gardens, and tall plants with a simple shape and smooth leaves.

Flooring: Chalon Beige with Grip non-slip finish
Flooring: Manhattan Soho

What flooring should you choose for your Japandi home?

Japandi style celebrates minimalism and combines simple Japanese shapes and décors with the muted colours of Nordic design. Wood-effect and stone-effect floorings and coverings help create a cosy and fascinating atmosphere. If you want to add an industrial touch, you can opt for the muted colours and soft, essential texture of concrete-effect tiles.

Casalgrande Padana’s porcelain stoneware tile collections are incredibly versatile and functional. The perfect choice for balanced, sophisticated, and relaxing settings.

Flooring: Planks Beige - Coverings: Planks Bianco
Flooring: Country Wood Greige
Flooring and coverings: Resina Grey and composition D décor
Flooring: Tavolato Marrone Scuro
Coverings: Resina Tobacco and Resina Tobacco strip

Japandi style is the fusion of the many facets of two extraordinary and very different cultures. Choosing it for your home means unleashing your creativity and opening up to different interpretations to create unique spaces that stand out for their timeless charm.

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