Vintage style: terrazzo-effect stoneware tiles for your home décor

June 20, 2022

Vintage-Stil: So richten Sie sich mit Steinzeugfliesen in Terrazzo-Optik ein

by Sara Costi

Vintage style offers all the nostalgic appeal of the past, featuring unique, distinctive pieces picked up from street markets or found in the cellar. Skilful combinations of different materials, furnishings, shapes and geometric patterns create visually striking solutions.

Typical elements of vintage style include period lamps and sideboards, sofas and armchairs reupholstered in leather or velvet, copper objects, vintage china, coloured fridges, old radios, record-players, trunks, bookcases and drawer units from a bygone age, as well as curtains, paintings and mirrors with a distinctly retro flavour.

Vintage style is all about impeccable detail and carefully chosen flooring and coverings, the founding element for any décor style.

Casalgrande Padana offers Le Ville, Macro and Terrazzo, three porcelain stoneware collections that bring a modern edge to traditional Venetian terrazzo flooring, a favourite for creating a vintage-style décor look. An ode to beauty, in which the traditional artisan grit is teamed with the excellent technical performance of porcelain stoneware to offer maximum creative freedom. These three terrazzo-effect porcelain stoneware collections are perfect for recreating classic looks. Fragments of different sizes, random patterns and seamless surfaces create richly beautiful geometries, ideal for shaping uniquely stylish new projects.

Flooring: Terrazzo Beige

Random combinations of different-sized stones, pebbles, rocks and marble fragments come together to create a bright, dynamic pattern, ideal for living spaces with a retro flavour. Terrazzo-effect stoneware collections can be used to create a seamless surface, with a jointless effect that extends effortlessly from the walls and right across the floor.

Flooring: Terrazzo Black
Flooring and Covering: Terrazzo Grey
Flooring: Le Ville Badoer
Flooring: Macro Grigio
Top: Macro Bianco - Covering: Macro Carnico
Flooring: Le Ville Badoer
Flooring: Terrazzo Black, Terrazzo White, Terrazzo Grey

Especially interesting is the anti-slip version for outdoors from the Le Ville collection. In the 20 mm thickness (available in the colours Pisani and Valmarana only), it’s ideal both for laying on screed for the floors of patios, terraces, verandas or balconies, and directly on grass, gravel or sand to create paths that can be walked on immediately. It can also be used to create smooth total look effects that stretch seamlessly from indoors to outdoors.

Another type of flooring commonly found in vintage-style décor is concrete-effect tiles. Casalgrande Padana’s Opus collection offers elegant geometric patterns, neutral shades and sophisticated, decorative textures that bring a delightful touch of days gone by to living spaces. Versatile and modern, the stoneware tiles in the Opus collection are perfect for floors, walls and worktops, to create original decorations that match the flooring.

Flooring: Opus Cementina Multicolor Beige
Flooring: Opus Beige - Cementina Multicolor Beige
Opus collection

Elegant porcelain stoneware coverings for a timeless furnishing style.

Pavimento: Terrazzo Black -Terrazzo White
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