How to furnish a small home with porcelain stoneware

March 25, 2021

Come arredare una casa piccola con il gres porcellanato

by Sara Costi

Compact, inviting, cosy, practical and functional, small homes are right back in fashion. Over the last 20 years, changes in demographics, lifestyles and habits in society have led to a growing demand for living spaces in big cities. As a result of rising property costs, smaller homes have also become the ideal solution for students, managers on business trips, or for those nearing retirement age and looking for a smaller house with lower running costs, while maintaining the conveniences of city life.

When we think of one-bedroom flats or small homes, we imagine those attractive little semis in Notting Hill, delightful little houses looking onto the ocean, tiny country cottages or romantic chalets.

With carefully chosen projects, an intelligent layout and the right materials, small homes can become versatile, functional and practical, as well as beautifully stylish and exquisitely designed.

When seeking to furnish a small home, the first thing to consider is the full amount of space available, in order to identify the structural strengths and architectural elements to make the most of, such as the height of the ceilings in relation to the surface of the floor, the size of the doors and windows, the layout of the rooms and how they are connected, and how the natural light interacts with the spaces throughout the day.

If the apartment is on the top floor, you might want to consider using the attic or loft for storage, to create an area for study or relaxation where you can retire to with a book, for some meditation or to listen to music - or if there’s enough space, you might even be able to turn it into an attic bedroom or two. Roofs with open beams not only give greater depth to the environment, but are also a beautiful design element.

If the house has high ceilings with an unused area under the roof, you might like to create a study area, or a bedroom.

The area under the stairs can be used as cupboard space by adding some shelves, while the cellar or basement areas can be waterproofed and used as an inviting bathroom, games room or a small gym area. You might like to identify dividing walls that can be removed to extend the space available in all directions, add some full-length windows to make the most of the natural light, and sliding doors to isolate the bathroom area, or create a cosy atmosphere in the bedroom without using up space that’s at a premium.

When space is limited, an orderly setting can be created by focusing on a few essential details: open storage right across the wall, or niches built into the wall and equipped with shelves, offer original solutions for obtaining extra room for clothes or objects.

A window ledge with floors creates a connection between indoors and indoors, making the room a sort of natural extension of the space, while simple decorative elements above the hearth, a wood-burning stove, a carefully positioned mirror or a beautiful table lamp can bring a touch of warmth and harmony to the whole home.

How to choose the right floors for small settings

Whatever your favourite furnishing style, in a small house where there isn’t enough room for significant decoration work, it’s important to create a clear style identity, starting from the floorings and coverings, which are the base of any furnishing project.

For a more consistent approach to décor, in a small home, it’s especially important to create visual continuity when it comes to flooring throughout the rooms, by choosing porcelain stoneware tiles with contrasting effects able to form striking carpet-like effects, or a ton-sur-ton look based on the colours and the design chosen for the furniture and furnishing accessories. Not only floors and walls, but also other surfaces covered with porcelain stoneware tiles with a wood, marble, stone, concrete or metal effect are ideal for adding a touch of colour to small interiors.

Flooring and Covering: Marmoker Rosato
Covering: Atelier Fiordaliso

White, and light colours in general, reflect more light than other colours, making rooms appear larger and more spacious.

Covering: Marte Mosaico texture
Flooring: Architecture White Gloss
Flooring: Marmosmart Pietrasanta

Dark colours are also suitable for floors in small settings, because they draw attention away from ceilings that are too low. They are the ideal choice for narrow corridors with little or no natural light.

Flooring: Mineral Chrom Black
Flooring: Spazio Antracite

Attention to detail is essential when designing smaller spaces: in this small loft apartment, the open beams and bricks are reminiscent of the urban chic style typical of New York city. Laying the same flooring throughout the home makes for a uniform appearance and extends space: the range of soft, natural colours of concrete-effect flooring is perfectly suited to the simple style of this small setting, and helps to create a pleasing atmosphere.

Flooring: Beton Mud

The kitchen looking onto the living room, with a peninsula worktop, is the ideal choice for small settings, because once you add chairs or stools, the peninsula can double up as a dining table, making for a more convivial atmosphere in the home. The shades of grey of the wood-effect tiles chosen for the floor and the wall of the hearth create a cosy yet glam environment, and help to take attention away from a low ceiling, while the wood-effect porcelain stoneware strip tiles with a linear laying pattern make the room appear longer.

The choice of laying pattern can also have a significant impact on the size perceived, especially in small settings: geometric patterns, colour contrasts or two-colour combinations can help bring a dynamic touch to living spaces. An addition to the classic staggered, brick-bond or diagonal options, porcelain stoneware floors can be created with more complex, striking patterns, such as square or herringbone, in the Italian style or the more sophisticated Hungarian or French versions.

Every home, however small, can become a splendid living environment when designed with effective solutions able to respond to the needs of its occupants. Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles, made exclusively from natural materials, free from plastic and harmful substances, non-allergic, antibacterial, fire-resistant, easy to lay and clean and completely recyclable, will help you create versatile, inviting settings able to tune into the needs of modern living.

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