How to choose the right tile size

Nov. 10, 2021

How to choose the right tile size

When deciding to purchase porcelain stoneware flooring or coverings, we’re faced with a wide choice not only of collections and types of material present on the market, but also of sizes and formats. To choose the size best suited to the type of look we’re seeking to create, it’s important to consider a number of elements: the dimensions of the environment, the presence of natural light, the style and type of setting desired and the purpose it is to be used for. Only once we’ve understood these key points can we create properly proportioned, appealing, inviting living spaces, in which function and beauty can coexist in perfect harmony.

Flooring and Covering: Country Wood Marrone
Flooring: Kerinox Bianco

How to choose the right size for flooring

Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware collections, for both floorings and coverings, offer an extremely wide range of shapes and sizes: square, rectangular, hexagonal, and solutions with particular shapes designed to offer more original, decorative combinations and laying schemes.

Flooring: Marmoker Travertino Miele - Cassettone Travertino decoration

When choosing the right format to lay, designers must take account, above all, of the dimensions of the setting and the type of style desired.

If what we’re looking for is a simple setting with a minimalist style, large-format (from 60×60 cm upwards) tiles are the ideal choice for the floor, even in settings that are not particularly large. We’re often inclined to believe that small tiles should be used for small areas but large-format porcelain stoneware tiles can be used to create smooth, uniform flooring that will make the room appear larger, thanks to the continuous effect that seems to visually enlarge volumes.

Flooring: Kerinox Sabbia
Flooring: Macro Grigio

How to choose the right size for coverings

When it comes to coverings, it’s important to consider not only the size of the setting, but also the height, so as to create balanced solutions that avoid giving a flat look to the overall living space.

Thanks to the versatility of the material and the wide variety of small and medium formats available, porcelain stoneware tiles can be used in bathrooms and kitchens to create original decorative effects between floors and walls.

An interesting solution that fits in well with a variety of furnishing styles and current trends is porcelain stoneware panelling, a wall covering option with a height of between 90 and 120 cm that runs right along the perimeter of the room. Boiserie can be created in both small and large sizes and studied in shades of the same colour as the floor, and is perfect for bringing a touch of dynamism to the whole setting.

More original, creative solutions are complemented by wall options featuring large-format tiles, reaching right up to the ceiling and with a minimal number of joints. These are perfect combinations for anyone seeking a distinctive look, or aiming to create a new visual focus – coloured or neutral – within a setting, using the same material for both walls and floors.

Flooring: R-Evolution Terra - Covering: R- Evolution Tortora
Flooring: Metropolis Mud - Covering: Metropolis Mud and Atelier Fiordaliso
Flooring: Pietre di Sardegna Caprera - Covering: Atelier Cristallo
Covering: Atelier Cristallo

The importance of laying and effect

When it comes to formats, especially for floors, the laying schemes for porcelain stoneware tiles are an important element to consider and to study carefully, depending on the dimensions of the setting.


One of the most common options, suitable for both small and large settings, is the geometric layout (aligned with the short or long side of the room), which can be created with medium and large-format rectangular and square tiles. This layout is also ideal for making the most of large-format marble, cement or metal-effect tiles, making them the main focus of the setting.

Flooring: Steeltech Grigio - Covering: Steeltech Corten
Flooring: Marmoker Statuario Grigio - Covering: Marmoker Grafite
Flooring and Covering: Pietre Etrusche Sovana

The geometric layout, together with the 45° or diagonal laying schemes, are the ideal choice to enhance spaces and minimise any irregular elements of walls or partitions. The latter solution is especially suitable for wood-effect porcelain stoneware floors or for large-format stone-effect tiles.

The various porcelain stoneware surfaces offered by Casalgrande Padana, in their different formats, can be used to meet all kinds of design requirements for both floors and coverings, both indoors and outdoors. Versatile, modern and functional, the numerous collections combine perfectly with the most on-trend furnishing styles and satisfy all kinds of needs. Whether large-format stoneware or small-size tiles are used, the numerous combinations available offer contemporary, bespoke solutions perfectly able to enhance all kinds of living spaces.

Flooring: Pietre di Sardegna Porto Rotondo
Flooring and Covering: Metropolis White – Covering: Atelier Rubino
Covering: Limpha Arborea
Flooring: Pietre di Sardegna Punta Molara 20mm
Flooring: Pietre di Paragone Grè Grigio 20 mm
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