How to choose the right porcelain stoneware tiles for your interiors

Sept. 10, 2021

How to choose the right porcelain stoneware tiles for your interiors

Choosing the right wall and floor tiles when designing or restoring a home is a crucial step. You need to consider their technical features, but also the style you want to achieve.

Today, porcelain stoneware is one of the most versatile solutions with a wide array of options and variants. It’s perfect for any setting, from formal to utility rooms, both indoors and out. Porcelain stoneware tiles come in a wide range of effects, colours, formats, thicknesses, and finishes, thereby allowing for endless creations, making them ideal for any style.


What tiles should you choose for a classic home?

Marble-effect porcelain stoneware tiles are one of the best solutions as they combine classic beauty, practicality, and wear resistance. These tiles are non-absorbent and don’t fear chemicals, stains, or abrasion. Plus, they’re easy to lay and clean. Casalgrande Padana’s wide ranges of marble-effect tiles help create harmonious settings. Materials, colours, and finishes recreate the nuances and beauty of quartz and the finest marble that have inspired them. Marmoker, Marmosmart, and Onici are among the best collections for a classic style home.

Flooring and coverings: Onice Avorio
Flooring and coverings: Onice Bianco
Flooring: Marmosmart Pietrasanta – Coverings: Marmosmart Marquinia Smart

What tiles should you choose for an industrial-style home?

When it comes to contemporary industrial styles, porcelain stoneware tiles are by far one of the best solutions. They create great impact and combine beauty and practicality. The right finish, such as the resin effect or wildly popular concrete effect, will do the rest. The industrial style is all about neutral and darker tones and any shade of grey. Casalgrande Padana concrete-effect tiles are also available in larger formats, making them perfect for large open spaces and allowing for a vast array of projects.

Flooring: Manhattan Soho
Flooring: Beton Mud
Flooring: Manhattan Harlem
Flooring and coverings: Beton Pearl

What tiles should you choose for a contemporary home?

A contemporary home stands out for its essential lines and volumes and minimalist yet bold surfaces. It requires balance and rigour to create large, uninterrupted surfaces even between interiors and exteriors. The warm shades and refined texture of stone, wood, and metal-effect porcelain stoneware tiles are the best solution for creating or renovating a contemporary setting.

Flooring: Pietra Baugè Beige
Flooring: Tavolato Marrone Chiaro

What tiles should you choose for a country-style home?

The country style is perfect for farmhouses or rustic homes. Settings are warm and cosy, and there are plenty of vintage elements that hint at the rural world of the past. If you go for this style, it’s important to choose surfaces that bring all these different elements together without creating harsh contrasts. Our new Nature collection is the perfect solution. The nature-inspired colours of these floor and wall tiles help create harmonious, modern settings.

Flooring: Nature Calce
Flooring: Nature Lava – Coverings: Muretto Bianco

Porcelain stoneware tiles add quality and character and can transform a setting. That’s why they are so popular in makeover projects. Plus, all our collections’ many formats and effects allow designers and architects to create any style.

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