How to choose the right bedroom flooring

Oct. 10, 2021

How to choose the right bedroom flooring

The right texture for the bedroom

Of all the various textures offered by porcelain stoneware, the wood effect is undoubtedly among the most popular for those seeking the warm, natural sensation typical of wood, while among the more classic options is the timeless marble effect. This fresh take on the traditional tones of marble, with an original, modern allure given by a new-generation material such as porcelain stoneware, offers an interesting solution for anyone looking for a classy, sophisticated bedroom.

Flooring: Geowood White Oak
Flooring: Onice Avorio

A rigorous, modern elegance and soft, neutral, shaded colours are the distinctive features of Casalgrande Padana’s stone-effect ceramic tiles. Inspired by the natural elegance of stone, they can be used to create interesting combinations and compositions suitable for shaping all kinds of furnishing styles, from the most traditional to the most contemporary, modern, minimal style.

Flooring: Pietra Baugè Beige
Flooring: Chalon Kaki

Finally, a more “daring” option, perfect for creating truly original combinations, are the cement-effect collections, offering endless expressive potential and particularly suitable for creating settings with a striking visual impact, in a modern style, or for open-space environments with an urban flavour.

Flooring: Beton Mud

The colours and formats to choose for the bedroom

When choosing colours for the floor, whatever the effect you’re seeking to create, it’s worth considering that porcelain stoneware surfaces in deeper, darker colours are best suited to large areas and to bring a touch of character to the bedroom. However, dark colours should be used with simple laying patterns, and require furnishings and furnishing accessories with a simple, minimal style, to avoid overloading the space. In contrast, lighter surfaces in softer tones allow for more elaborate style combinations, and are also ideal for bedrooms with more striking, sophisticated styles.

Flooring: Manhattan Harlem
Flooring: Planks Bruno
Flooring: Earth Bianco - Covering: Earth Bianco, Earth Tortora, Earth Tortora 4

As regards formats, the larger the room, the more scope there is for laying schemes featuring large tiles or long listel tiles with minimal joints, while smaller bedroom areas will require smaller sizes, and above all running bond, herringbone or chevron laying patterns.

Flooring: Country Wood Tortora chevron – Covering: Country Wood Tortora

In the bedroom, porcelain stoneware is also an excellent option for the walls. Thanks to the large-size, 6.5 mm thick tiles, or the creative 8.5x25 cm decorative tiles that mimic the typical brick pattern, porcelain stoneware offers a versatile interior design resource. It can therefore be used to create strikingly original back walls, bringing a new visual focus and an extremely distinctive touch to the room.

Flooring: Metropolis Mud - Covering: Fiordaliso and Metropolis Mud

As well as allowing for elegant, trend-inspired combinations, Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware also offers impressive technical characteristics and performance, because it does not alter over time: it is non-allergenic, fire-resistant (in the event of fire, it does not give off substances harmful to humans or the environment), eco-compatible and fully recyclable - and it’s also antibacterial, thanks to the innovative Bios Antibacterial® treatment, able to eliminate 99% of bacteria present on the ceramic surface.

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