Euroshop 2020 - The retail of the future

Feb. 16, 2020

Euroshop 2020 - il retail del futuro

Between 16 and 20 February 2020, Casalgrande Padana will be taking up residence at Stand 11/B83, Hall 11 at Euroshop, the world’s leading retail trade fair, in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Come and see our latest new releases!


ArsRatio: self-laying indoor flooring

ArsRatio Casalgrande Padana radically redraws the traditional concept of ceramic flooring without compromising on any of its qualities, transforming it from a static element into a dynamic, flexible system. Extremely easy to lay and versatile, ArsRatio Casalgrande Padana has a superior aesthetic finish and is resistant to bothevenly distributed and concentrated loads. It’s the ideal flooring solution for display spaces, exhibitions, trade fair stands, showrooms, pop-up shops, historic buildings, museum installations (protecting older, precious surfaces) and any other environment in the tertiary, commercial and residential sectors.

Ars Ratio


Marmoker: the stunning nuances of extracted marble combined with the attributes of porcelain stoneware

The Marmoker porcelain stoneware collection from Casalgrande Padana captures the appeal and uniqueness of nature in a man-made product, combining the appearance of marble and natural stone with the impressive attributes of ceramics. And now, the collection has been expanded to include new textures, including the timeless appeal of Calacatta Extra, Titan White and Canova, whose classic veining set against a white background was used to such stunning effect by the great Tuscan masters. Also added to the collection are the delicate nuances of White Musk, Fior di Pesco and Oyster Grey, the brighter Caribbean Green, BrownForest and Night Storm, the searing contrasts of Orange Black and Rosso Francia, the dark tones of Ossidiana and the warmth of Tangerine.


Flooring: Tangerine

Wall covering: Calacatta Extra


Nature becomes a decoration

Macro is the new granite-effect porcelain stoneware collection offering a contemporary take on the classic techniques of graniglia and seminato, where the random repetition of the irregular pattern on the tiles creates a kind of natural carpet. In Macro, the material itself becomes a decorative element, with the overall picture built up through a combination of irregular stones, pebbles, rocks and fragments which come together to create a dynamic puzzle that brings elegance to any space.

Moro, Bianco, Carnico and Grigio are the four versions available, with formats ranging from 59x59 cm to 118x236 cm. The tiles are available in the reduced thickness of 6.5 mm as well as the traditional 10 mm thickness, while all versions have a shiny finish which elevates the overall appearance of the surfaces and brings out their varied colouration.


Flooring and wall covering: Macro Moro


Limpha: we’ve taken the beauty of nature and channelled it into a tile

Inspired by climbing plants, the Limpha collection of wood-effect porcelain stoneware from Casalgrande Padana is the perfect way to transform a simple covering into a tribute to natural beauty.

Thanks to its optimal versatility of use and unparalleled technical properties (resistance to freezing, abrasions, wear and tear and bending, plus colour resistance to light), the wood-effect porcelain stoneware in the Limpha collection is perfect for both internal and external spaces, whether in new constructions or restoration projects: from private residential to public construction via renovation projectsinvolving offices, schoolsand gyms. It's the ideal way to enhance anonymous and obsolete surfaces, with Casalgrande Padana’s porcelain stoneware restoring their personality while improving performance and cuttingmaintenance costs.

Thanks to Bios Self Cleaning® technology, the large tiles from the Limpha porcelain stoneware collection reduce pollution in the air and decompose the dirt left on the surface of the tiles when they come into contact with sunlight. Rainwater then removes these deposits, thanks to the water-repellent nature of the ceramic surface.

With eight new themed areas (Shop Fitting & Store Design, Visual Merchandising, Lighting, Retail Marketing, Retail Technology, Expo & Event Marketing, Food Service Equipment and Refrigeration & Energy Management), Euroshop is aiming to explore the key developments that will affect the future of theretail industry.

We currently find ourselves in the midst of an era in which stores, in their classic form, are undergoing profound changes, with the rise of online shopping and the advent of new purchasing methods resulting in changes to consumer behaviour.


The retail industry of the future: offline and online

The retail industry of the future will see the pursuit of a delicate balance between offline and online channels, something made possible through the integration of new tech. Sales points will become much more sensory places, where the purchasing experience will be led by entertainment and storytelling.

The digital revolution is changing the purchasing experience for consumers, the world of retail is evolving at an incredible pace and physical stores are being transformed into so-called “5.0 stores”, featuring tech solutions such as touch-screen pay points which can also be used as sales support tools in the aisles. This new breed of store will also see digital shop windows and tablets used for sales assistance and for specific requests regarding products, availability, sizes and colours.

And we’re not talking about a distant change. This is a process that is already underway, with stores taking on a new role and becoming places that customers visit not so much because they need to, but because they are guided by a desire for entertainment and a need for a specific experience that is different to the online experience in many ways. Stores are adopting the important role of becoming a key channel that companies can use to communicate a specific message, improve brand identity and reputation and boost customer loyalty by enhancing products.

The boom of digital tech and the proliferation of social media have played a significant role in completely transforming purchasing experiences and consumer expectations. Stores have been stripped of their original purpose and are now in search of new roles, forcing retailers to face up to the great challenge facing theindustry: combining online and offline channels, incorporating the strengths of online shopping into physical stores and vice-versa and adopting an e-commerce strategy which will enable customers to order goods online and then pick them up in physical stores.

EuroShop 2020 opens its doors to industry professionals Sunday 16 February 2020 and runs until Thursday 20 February 2020 and will be open from 10:00 to 18:00 every day. Casalgrande Padana looks forward to seeing you at Stand 11B83, Hall 11 in Düsseldorf, Germany!















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