Large-format porcelain stoneware tiles: contemporary versatility

Jan. 20, 2022

Large-format porcelain stoneware tiles: contemporary versatility

Large-format tiles are an interesting take on traditional porcelain stoneware tile sizes and have been at the centre of compositional experiments for a while now. They represent the new frontier of design and the most contemporary evolution of this material. Large porcelain stoneware tiles can be used indoors and out and can help create original solutions combining aesthetics and functionality.

Façade cladding: Atelier Oltremare, Lavender and Cristallo
Wall coverings: Atelier Cristallo
Flooring: Pietre di Paragone - Coverings: Pietra del Cardoso and Golden Paint decorative tiles
Flooring: Tavolato Grano - Coverings: Atelier Ottanio, Cristallo

When a material becomes a furnishing element

Concrete-effect, marble-effect, stone-effect and coloured large-format tiles allow for infinite possibilities and are a creative ally for architects and interior designers. Large-format porcelain stoneware tiles (120x120 cm, 120x240 cm, 120x278 cm, and 160x320 cm, with a 6.5 mm or 12 mm thickness) are perfect, not just for floors but also for walls, allowing for creative decorative or seamless “wallpaper” effects and solid-colour feature walls. They are equally perfect for furnishing elements, such as partition walls or vertical architectural features, adding a dynamic touch to any space.

Flooring: Marmoker Night Storm - Coverings: Marmoker Titan White and Marmoker Night Storm

Casalgrande Padana has so many collections to choose from. For example, Atelier with its kaleidoscope of 8 pastel colours, Cemento and Metropolis for original surfaces that are sure to make an impact, Pietre di Paragone and Pietre di Sardegna, the elegant Onici, Macro, Marmoker, and Marmosmart with their marble effect, and the super original Limpha collection. Limpha, in particular, draws inspiration from beautiful leaves and climbing plants, transforming plain walls into a tribute to nature’s beauty, adding character and a creative touch to any space.

Flooring: Pietre di Paragone Grigio Tao - Coverings: Pietre di Paragone Grigio Tao and Diagonal Grigio Tao decorative tiles
Flooring: Pietre di Paragone Pietra del Cardoso - Coverings: Pietre di Paragone Pietra del Cardoso and Pietre di Paragone Round Square
Coverings: Limpha Coral Rose
Flooring: Marmosmart Vagli - Coverings: Marmosmart Tivoli
Flooring and coverings: Onici Onice Avorio
Coverings: Atelier Rubino
Flooring: Metropolis Mud - Coverings: Atelier Fiordaliso and Metropolis Mud
Coverings: Macro Bianco and Macro Carnico
Flooring: Onice Ghiaccio - Coverings: Onice Ghiaccio and Onice Quarzo
Flooring: Marmoker Oyster Grey - Coverings: Marmoker Calacatta Extra

Façade cladding

Whether in their concrete-effect, stone-effect or coloured version, large-format porcelain stoneware tiles boast unique technical features and beauty, making them perfect for façades too.

Innovative adhesive, ventilated, and insulated cladding systems allow for installing high-performance tiles, ensuring excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and improving the building’s hygrometric performance. This is because the tile cladding protects the walls, eliminating thermal bridges that cause heat dispersion. This way, it also ensures considerable energy savings. In addition, tile cladding eliminates surface condensation and localised mould, maintaining all the building’s aesthetic and technical features unchanged over time.

Moreover, thanks to the Bios Self Cleaning® technology, these large-format tiles even help reduce cleaning and maintenance time and costs while improving air quality. That’s because the Bios Self Cleaning® technology helps reduce airborne pollutants and decompose dirt deposits, which are washed away from the tile surface by rainwater. Casalgrande Padana’s large-format porcelain stoneware tiles have all the aesthetic and technical features to add character to any building, helping it fit seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.

Outdoor paving and cladding: Metropolis Grey
Façade cladding: Limpha Helix

The advantages of large porcelain stoneware tiles

Large-format tiles are perfectly flat, a feature that, together with the 6.5 mm thickness, allows them to create elegant and contemporary uninterrupted surfaces with minimal grout lines indoors and ensure perfect visual consistency outdoors.

In addition, Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles are long-lasting, frost-resistant, and don’t fear temperature fluctuations. And thanks to the exclusive Bios Self Cleaning® technology (available upon request), they even clean themselves. These tiles do not contain plastics or harmful substances. They’re hypoallergenic, fire-resistant, non-absorbent, and have excellent flexural strength. All these features allow them to remain unchanged over time in any climate. They’re also easy to lay and clean, which translates into comfortable and salubrious spaces.

Pavimento: Pietre di Sardegna Porto Rotondo
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