Metal-effect stoneware: Casalgrande Padana tiles with a contemporary allure

July 23, 2023

Feinsteinzeug in Metalloptik: zeitgemäße Gestaltung mit Fliesen von Casalgrande Padana

by Sara Costi

Metal-effect porcelain stoneware tiles are perfect for creating contemporary and eye-pleasing settings. They ensure great visual impact by perfectly recreating metal’s oxidation, colours, and effects. Those who like to experiment with industrial or vintage styles and want to add character and texture to their settings will find them to be the solution they were looking for.

Metal-effect porcelain stoneware tiles
Flooring: Satin-finish Kerinox Sabbia
Coverings: Natural-finish Steeltech Corten
Pavimento e Rivestimento: Fusion White

Casalgrande Padana’s modern and fascinating metal-effect tiles

Their wide range of sizes (from the classic 30x60 cm to the larger 90x90 cm,120x120 cm and 120x278 cm versions) and appealing finishes make metal-effect porcelain stoneware tiles suitable for both floors and walls in projects with an urban edge. Light and colour blend to create a versatile and modern palette. The warm chrome effects of Corten steel merge with those of metal oxides, creating sophisticated colour combinations for super original floors and coverings.

Flooring: Satin-finish Kerinox Sabbia (90x90 cm)

The wonders of metal-effect ceramic tiles

Metal-effect porcelain stoneware tiles meet the changing needs of contemporary living. They’re perfect for creating charming and elegant open spaces or recreating the urban atmosphere of New York lofts.

The play of light and shiny lapped finish of the metal-effect flooring create an ethereal and almost suspended atmosphere in this modern open space, adding light and ensuring great visual impact.

Open space - Lapped-finish Kerinox Bianco (90x90 cm)

The range of matching colours and textures make Casalgrande Padana’s metal-effect porcelain stoneware tiles the ideal choice for tiling walls and floors of modern, urban chic lofts.

Flooring: Steeltech Beige – Coverings: Steeltech Corten

But there’s more. Metal-effect porcelain stoneware coverings can be used as wallpaper to emphasise portions of the wall, create a backdrop for a bookcase, or cover decorative partitions. This way, you can create a lively dialogue between the ceramic coverings and the flooring.

Flooring: Lapped-finish Steeltech Grigio – Coverings: Lapped-finish Steeltech Corten
Flooring and coverings: Steeltech Beige
Pavimento e Rivestimento: Fusion Grey

Casalgrande Padana’s metal-effect porcelain stoneware tiles stand out for their high resistance and technical performance. They come with a natural finish for interiors and a non-slip finish for exteriors, which make them great for creating continuity between interiors and exteriors and a harmonious total look.

Flooring: Kerinox Grigio (60x60 cm) with Natural and Non-slip R11 finishes

Casalgrande Padana’s metal-effect porcelain stoneware tiles are versatile, reliable, and in line with contemporary design trends. That’s why they’re the ideal solution for any combination and setting.

Satin-finish Kerinox Antracite (90x90 cm)
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