Choosing the perfect tiles for your kitchen backsplash

March 5, 2022

Paraschizzi in gres porcellanato: quale scegliere?

by Sara Costi

The backsplash is essential in a kitchen and just as important as the countertop. For this reason, it needs to be chosen with care. In straight-line and L-shaped kitchens, the backsplash is the portion of the wall between the cabinetry and the countertop where the hob and sink usually are. Backsplashes don’t just serve an aesthetic purpose: they also protect the walls from heat, moisture, grease, and wear. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a wear-resistant material that doesn’t deteriorate over time. And porcelain stoneware is an excellent solution.

Flooring and coverings: Beton Sand
Flooring and coverings: Earth by Pininfarina Brunello Metalred
Coverings: Brickworks Nuances Petunia Nera

Porcelain stoneware tiles are durable, versatile, and can be laid in a herringbone or parallel pattern or at different angles. Moreover, they allow for infinite creative possibilities, thanks to the vast array of colours, sizes, thicknesses, and collections that replicate the effect of concrete, wood, marble, metal, and stone. Indeed, they are the best solution for backsplashes or even entire walls, as they ensure aesthetic harmony and textural continuity throughout the kitchen. Plus, porcelain stoneware tiles are perfect for adding character and a personal touch to a new kitchen.

Flooring and coverings: Pietre di Paragone Luni

Backsplashes are also a fantastic way to add a stylish touch and a pop of colour to your kitchen. In straight-line kitchens with cabinets, the backsplash is usually 60 cm high and is a focal point. That’s why it’s important to plan and choose its design from the beginning if you want to give your kitchen a harmonious look.

Coverings: Opus Cementina Multicolor Grigia

When you choose porcelain stoneware tiles for your backsplash, you can replicate the natural elegance of stone, the sophisticated glamour of marble, vintage décors or the contemporary look of concrete. Whatever collection you choose, you’ll have multiple combinations to play with to suit any style and match any material. But there’s more. Compared to other materials available on the market, Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles provide many advantages: they’re easy to clean and don’t fear stains, impacts, and abrasions. Moreover, they’re non-absorbent, fire-resistant, and even have antibacterial properties, thanks to our Bios Antibacterial® treatment (available upon request). This treatment can remove up to 99% of the bacteria on the tiles’ surface.

Coverings: Brickworks Petra Perla
Flooring: Nature Lava – Coverings: Muretto Bianco
Flooring: Marmosmart Statuarietto – Coverings: Marmosmart Fossena
Flooring: Manhattan Tribeca – Coverings: Manhattan Tribeca and Mosaico Tribeca

Whether for traditional or contemporary kitchens, porcelain stoneware tiles combine style and functionality, making them the perfect choice for a backsplash or an entire wall.

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