Percorsi in Ceramica 40

Dec. 18, 2019

Percorsi in Ceramica 40 - La rivista cartacea di Casalgrande Padana

In this latest issue, we’ll be looking at numerous themes: two prestigious projects dealing with the question of welcoming, the extension to the exhibition space of the Creative Centre at Casalgrande headquarters, a focus on material with the Macro and Marmoker collections, and lastly, the new edition of the Creative Book and the launch of the twelfth edition of the Grand Prix.

Percorsi in ceramica”, the half-yearly hardcopy magazine by Casalgrande Padana dedicated to architecture projects, has reached issue no. 40 at the end of 2019.

In this issue, two projects have been selected from among the large number that took part in the eleventh edition of the Grand Prix: although each is of a different type, they both explore the concept of welcome and the definition of living spaces.

Miriandhooh Resort

Miriandhooh Resort, designed by the Peia Associati architecture firm in Milan for Westin, an operator belonging to Marriott International group, was built between the earth and the sea on the coral island of the same name in the Maldives; for the complex, formed by seventy small constructions, the choice fell to the ceramic materials in porcelain stoneware from the Casalgrande Padana collections Antiquewood, Architecture, Marmoker and Marte, together with other products made to order.

With a view to safeguarding the fragile ecosystem of a site that in 2011 joined those forming the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the whole complex has been designed and built with sustainability in mind; the porcelain stoneware ceramic materials by Casalgrande Padana are therefore elements that contribute to creating the different atmospheres in the various areas, forming a sophisticated material counterpoint.




Miriandhooh Resort



Located in Ivry-sur-Seine, bordering on Paris, Flatmates is a residential project entirely dedicated to the entrepreneurs resident in Station F, the world’s biggest start-up incubator, designed by Wilmotte & Associés, is composed of three towers covered in porcelain stoneware tiles by Casalgrande Padana from the Beton collection, in the colour Dark; spread across facades totalling 7000 m2, they contribute to defining the monolith concept of the architectural composition, which alternates dark, compact material with the perforated metal parapets of the balconies inside the lot and the large cornices in natural anodised aluminium.





Creative Centre 2

The Creative Centre doubles up, with the existing area within the Casalgrande headquarters joined by the Creative Centre 2, allowing for a significant expansion of the showroom, ready to host the implementation of the range of ceramic solutions developed by the company. This space is essential to effectively showcase the unique quality and variety of the range, as well as to engage with visitors regarding projects.

The Creative Centres are facilities open to professionals in the sector, devised by Casalgrande Padana as a step beyond the traditional concept of a sales showroom towards a place where ceramic material meets projects, teaming exhibition space with communication, technical information and an intense, organised series of activities featuring important international names in the field of architecture and design.





Macro and Marmoker

Macro, the new granite-effect porcelain stoneware collection, brings a contemporary slant to the concept of grit and terrazzo, in which the random repetition of the irregular pattern across the surfaces offers an effect reminiscent of a natural carpet. In Macro, the material itself plays a decorative role, and the overall image produced is created by teaming stones, pebbles and irregular fragments that make up a dynamic jigsaw effect able to bring a touch of elegance to the setting.

Moro, Bianco, Carnico and Grigio are the four colour variants available in formats ranging from 59x59 cm to 118x236 cm, in the reduced 6.5 mm thickness and traditional 10 mm thickness, all with a polished finish to enhance the overall look of the surface and the numerous colour variations.


Perfect for residential settings, this collection is also able to shape an inviting atmosphere in different kinds of environments: from the common areas of hotels to shops, as well as restaurants and eateries and retail settings.

Macro Moro


The Marmoker collection gains some new porcelain stoneware tiles: the timeless allure of Calacatta Extra, Titan White and Canova, with their classic veining patterns against a white background that have enhanced the creativity of the master craftsmen of Tuscany, the delicate nuances of White Musk, Fior di Pesco and Oyster Grey, the more vibrant shades of Caribbean Green, Brown Forest and Night Storm, the striking contrasts of Orange Black and Rosso Francia, the dark tones of Ossidiana and the warm shades of Tangerine.

48 different colour variants in marble-effect porcelain stoneware, offering a faithful reproduction of the typical features of the natural stone they are named after, available in a number of formats, from 59x59 cm up to the large 160x320 cm size, with natural and polished finishes and in two thicknesses: the slender 6.5 mm and the traditional 10 mm.


Marmoker is the Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware collection that brings the unique allure of nature into buildings constructed by Man, combining the beauty of marble and natural stone with the outstanding performance of ceramics.

Floor: Tangerine - Wall: Calacatta Extra


Creative Book

The new edition of Creative Book is now available; with a new structure and graphics, this resource for professionals in the sector offers useful information on the functional and style characteristics of Casalgrande Padana’s ceramic material.

Created and distributed in collaboration with the prestigious architecture magazine Casabella, translated into four languages and with a new editorial structure and graphic project by the Tassinari/Vetta studio with Francesco Nicoletti, Creative Book 10, by Marco Mulazzani, presents nineteen completed projects, selected from over 300 entries to the 11th edition of the Grand Prix, to whom awards and special mentions were presented by an international jury. The works are organised into the four categories provided for in the Competition: shopping and office centres (large surfaces), public, service and industrial buildings, residential buildings, facade cladding, outside flooring, swimming pools and spas: each project is exhaustively illustrated with photographs and drawings, and is accompanied by an appendix containing a detailed account of the specific applications of Casalgrande Padana ceramic material, a technical data and information sheet and a summary biography of the project designers.


Entries now open for the 12th edition of the Grand Prix

With the same conviction that has characterised the previous editions over the last 30 years, the 12th edition of the Casalgrande Padana Grand Prix seeks to offer a careful, up-to-date overview of international architectural production.

The Grand Prix is open to all figures involved in project design (architects, engineers, designers, interior furnishing professionals, private and public technical studios, professional architecture and interior decoration firms) that have used Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware in any type of application (from residential buildings to external flooring and cladding, as well as industrial and public buildings, office buildings, small-scale retail settings, large shopping centres, spas and swimming pools).

Entries may be presented by individual professionals or groups, with a group leader named. To take part in the next edition, just click here.

For further details, click here!








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