Percorsi in Ceramica 47

May 31, 2023

Percorsi in Ceramica 47

This issue of Percorsi focuses on a primary theme in today’s architecture, i.e., reusing and transforming building and landscape heritage. “Listening” to everything surrounding us, establishing a dialogue with rundown and abandoned buildings on a volumetric and compositional level to repurpose them, is the preferred architectural approach in Europe and beyond to recover landscapes, buildings, and even interiors. When it comes to redefining and repurposing spaces and places, Casalgrande Padana tile collections are a precious tool, thanks to their variety, durability, and excellent technical features. We’ll start delving into the theme of recovery, restoration, and repurposing by presenting projects in different scales featured in the past few editions of the Casalgrande Padana Grand Prix, which has always offered the perfect snapshot of the global architectural scene.

As we’ll see, Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles are the common thread in these diverse projects undertaken with different approaches. Also, in this issue, we chat with Matteo Thun and Elisa Vago from Matteo Thun & Partners (Milan) to learn about their past and ongoing conversion and repurposing projects. Their project for the JW Marriott resort on the island of Sacca Sessola in the Venetian lagoon perfectly epitomises this theme. We’ll also talk about the call for entries for the 13th edition of the Grand Prix (2022/2024) and the opening of our new Creative Centre in Milan (Piazza San Marco 1) in one of the most iconic buildings designed by Ludovico Magistretti. Finally, we’ll present our latest porcelain stoneware tile collections: Supreme and Fusion. Supreme is inspired by the textural and tactile qualities of rock salt, a mineral known since ancient times for its vitreous shine. Conversely, Fusion high-performance tiles replicate metal’s colours and effects.

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