Petra: the natural charm of stone, in porcelain stoneware

May 18, 2021

Petra: the natural charm of stone, in porcelain stoneware

by Sara Costi

Rich, rigorous, confident and audacious, Petra by Casalgrande Padana derives from a combination of natural materials and modern intuition. Vibrant, imperfect veining effects are expressed through a carefully studied colour range of nuances revealing all the allure of an ancient material that has always accompanied man throughout the process of evolution. Delicate earthy and sandy shades, neutral and grey nuances and tones with a modern, natural design blend with the imperfections left by the passage of time. A collection that teams the elegant beauty of quartzite with the resistance and versatility of porcelain stoneware.

Flooring: Petra Bianca
Flooring and Covering: Petra Antracite

Petra comes in six different shades (Petra Antracite, Bianca, Grigia, Oro, Perla and Sabbia) and five different formats (from the small 20x20 cm and 20x40 cm sizes to the classic 30x60 cm and 60x60 cm tiles, as well as the large 60x120 cm format). Thanks to the natural surface for indoors and the 20 mm thick antislip surface for outdoors, the new stone-effect stoneware collection can be used for both flooring and coverings, both indoors and outdoors, allowing for the creation of smooth, appealing total looks. The collection is complemented by the 30x30 cm mosaics, with 5x5 cm or 5x15 cm tesserae, and a new series of brick-effect porcelain stoneware decorations.

Petra Antracite, Grigia, Oro, Perla, Sabbia and Bianca

Originality consists of a return to our origins.

Antoni Gaudí

Flooring: Petra Bianca

Total look or mix and match?

Extremely versatile and adaptable, the porcelain stoneware tiles in the new Petracollection can be used for all kinds of floors and walls, allowing for interesting total-look solutions or novel, original mix&match effects.

Combining practical appeal with comfort, the total-look effect allows for the creation of living spaces featuring a single material, with an engaging, timeless atmosphere that brings extraordinarily sophisticated visual, aesthetic and functional continuity to settings.

Perfectly squared and rectified and with antislip surfaces, the stoneware tiles from the new Petra collection are the ideal response to all kinds of project requirements that seek to create continuity between indoor and outdoor areas, using the same type of flooring both for interiors and for terraces, patios, verandas, courtyards, pool edges or paths, both on grass and on gravel. Thanks to their 20 mm thickness, Casalgrande Padana ceramic tiles can be glued to screed, guaranteeing flooring with high load resistance, or dry-laid directly on sand, for flooring that can be walked on immediately. In addition, thanks to the polypropylene supports, available with fixed or adjustable heights, raised flooring for outdoors can be created, with a gap underneath to house electrical and plumbing systems.

Flooring: Petra Sabbia Covering: Petra Sabbia Muretto decoration
Flooring: Petra Sabbia Grip 20 mm - Covering: Petra Sabbia Muretto decoration

First developed in the fashion sector, and in contrast to the minimalist trend, the mix and match style is gaining ground as a trend also in the field of interior design. This style combines different colours, patterns and textures, skilfully mixing different shapes and materials to shape inviting, comfortable settings for fresh, original, modern living spaces. Together with furniture, accessories and drapes, the porcelain stoneware tiles in the new Petra collection thus become an actual furnishing accessory, able to combine smoothly not only with other materials, but also with other collections from the vast Casalgrande Padana range of cement, wood, stone, marble, or metal-effect tiles, creating interesting material, graphic and colour combinations, and settings with striking appeal and character.

Flooring: Petra Antracite
Flooring: Petra Perla – Covering: Petra Perla Brick Decoration

A new collection of brick-effect stoneware decorations that complements collections right across the wide Casalgrande Padana range can be used on all kinds of walls, both indoors and outdoors, for the whole wall or just a part, to bring a unique touch of charm to settings and add a rustic, country or urban-style twist. To embellish a fireplace or create a backdrop for a bookcase set into a niche, you might like to choose a ton-sur-ton look to match the flooring, or an appealing colour contrast to enhance, enrich or enliven a dividing wall or partition. The superb adaptability, resistance and versatility of the Petra porcelain stoneware tiles also make them ideal as coverings for kitchen or bathroom worktops, shower trays, washbasins, shelves, wall cupboards and worktops.

Washbasin covering: Petra Perla – Covering: Petra Perla Brick Decoration

Finally, three different formats (30x60 cm, 60x90 cm and 60x120 cm) can be combined to form a geometrical composition, ideal for enhancing the ceramic tiles and making them the star feature of the whole setting.

Thanks to the excellent technical performance and the material texture, reminiscent of stone to the touch, it can be used in a variety of settings, ranging from residential construction and restoration to commercial surfaces and public buildings.

Flooring and Covering: Petra Oro
Flooring and Covering: Petra Oro
Covering: Petra Oro

Able to complement and blend smoothly with all kinds of furnishing styles, from ultra-classic to modern, as well as rustic, country and wabi-sabi, for both floors and walls, both indoors and outdoors: every surface is tiled with Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware, inspired by the natural elegance of stone.

Imperfect, changing, unfinished spaces become inviting, contemplative settings. Deliberately simple, natural and orderly, a slow, profound inspiration for the mind that focuses on seeking out the essence of beauty in imperfection. This is how Petra by Casalgrande Padana expresses the desire to go back to basics, where imperfections and irregularities become elements of exquisite beauty, shaped in ceramic tiles able to bring an authentic touch of distinction to every living space. A carefully balanced range of warm, engaging colours, in which every vein conceals an inexhaustible force able to reveal mysterious traces of memories anchored to the past.

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