A fireplace tiled with porcelain stoneware? 8 ideas to bring a unique, original touch to your hearth

Dec. 8, 2019

Recouvrir votre cheminée de grès cérame ? 8 idées uniques et originales

It’s hard to resist the fascinating allure of fire, an ancient, dynamic element that permeates and enlivens everything around it, symbolising the eternal union of energy and material, and representing the natural bridge that joins the microcosm to the macrocosm. On a freezing winter day, there’s nothing finer than coming back home, settling down on the sofa, enjoying the warmth of the hearth and the magical atmosphere only a glowing flame can conjure up, as we gaze at it in silence with the feeling that time has come to a standstill, ready to settle down below the snow and let nature slumber there until spring.

With its colourful flames that bring warmth and cheer, the fireplace is the focal point of the room, so the covering material must be chosen with great care: selecting the right material, in line with our personal taste and lifestyle, allows us to build our own little world within the walls of our home, a place where we can live our lives and feel protected.


Why choose porcelain stoneware tiles?

Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware offers superb performance, because it’s resistant to impact and abrasion and does not absorb liquids; it’s hygienic, easy to lay and to clean, and requires no maintenance. It’s fire-resistant, and in the event of fire does not release substances dangerous to man or the environment; it’s resistant to stains and chemicals (except for hydrofluoric acid); it’s a safe, eco-friendly, recyclable material, and comes in a wide range of colours, surfaces, formats and textures, featuring marble, concrete and resin effects, as well as stone and wood effects: so you’ll be spoilt for choice!


Join me to discover the tiles best suited to your style…

With its distinctive square shape, this large fireplace creates a surprisingly simple, sophisticated effect: thanks to the light-coloured wall covering, attention appears to be drawn to the warm, crackling flames, while the classic marble veinings on a white background from the Marmoker collection seem to evoke the creative genius of the Tuscan masters, with precious materials springing back to life in the porcelain stoneware tiles, teaming past with present in a setting with a striking identity.

Floor: Marmoker Grafite Marrone – Fireplace cladding: Marmoker Statuario Grigio


Looking to create a particular allure? You might like to choose the porcelain stoneware tiles of the Resina Shades collection for your fireplace: a palette of neutral shades to create spaces with a metropolitan flavour, in which the simple elegance of the surfaces interact with graphic patterns featuring material and colour contrasts that create surprising impressions of depth.

Floor: Resina White - Fireplace: Resina Shades Grey


If minimalism is your style, you might like to opt for the Beton collection: light colour effects amplify the space with their simple design, for an effect that stretches beyond the material it is revealed in through the light, in a space where a desire for nature is contained.

Floor and Fireplace: Beton Pearl

Another option for tiling your fireplace is the R-Evolutionconcrete-effect porcelain stoneware collection, using the r-evo row tiles to create a pleasing pattern with a stylish, decorative colour effect.

Floor: R-Evolution Grey - Fireplace: R-Evolution Grey Blue Row and R-Evolution Blue


Delightfully, strikingly original, this fireplace seems set into the wall, like a stone comprising within it the traces of an ancient, living, flaming memory, embellishing it as if it were a picture in a frame. The timeless allure of natural stone comes back to life, rediscovering the beautiful colours of an ancient land in the warm shade of the porcelain stoneware wall tiles from the Pietre Etrusche collection.

Floor and Fireplace: Pietre Etrusche Santa Fiora


The shape of this fireplace, and the fact it is open on three sides, make it perfect for creating a sort of partition between two areas of the same room, while at the same time becoming a focal point of it; the white shade and the soft wood-effect texture of the Planks collection adapt perfectly to any furnishing choices, with a sophisticated, contemporarymood that brings an elegant, refined touch to the rooms of your home.

Floor: Planks Beige – Fireplace: Bianco


A strong, unmistakable grain reminiscent of ancient olive wood, flamed tones and an ultra-fine texture characterise the porcelain stoneware covering of this fireplace; inspired by the natural beauty of aged wooden boards, the Ulivo collection transfers the distinctive features of porcelain stoneware into the form of the material.

Floor: Ulivo Panna – Fireplace: Ulivo Grigio


This splendidly original double-sided fireplace, installed in the centre of the space it forms the focal point of, has both a decorative and practical function, dividing two different areas while maintaining a connection between them; the Listelli Mix decoration from the Architecture collection used for tiling the walls shows off the shape of the fireplace, creating a surprising visual and material effect.

Floor and fireplace: Mix listelli Dark Brown

Our home reflects who we are, and a personal touch is essential to bring an inviting touch of beauty to your nest, where you can feel free and recreate your own sense of inner peace.

by Sara Costi

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