Cuneo swimming stadium: a contemporary decorative format in porcelain stoneware

April 10, 2021

Cuneo swimming stadium: a contemporary decorative format in porcelain stoneware

by Sara Costi

Located within the Parco della Gioventù Sports Complex, in the setting of the Natural Park of the Gesso and Stura rivers, an area specifically designed for sports and leisure, Cuneo Swimming Stadium is an outstanding national swimming facility.

Designed by the architects Alessandra and Matteo Raso of the Cliostraat firm, the Stadium seeks to team functionality with low environmental impact, accessibility and attention to the surrounding landscape, as well as guaranteeing comfort and energy efficiency.

Built from scratch, it comprises the new swimming pool building, the building system of the entrances and the changing rooms, adding up to a total surface area of 6350 square metres. The new swimming pool building features a roof with glulam beams with a 40 m single span on a reinforced concrete structure, prefabricated concrete panels on the side curtain walls, customised with shades that blend with the surroundings, and a 430-square metre wall facing south. Inside the building is the new 8-lane pool (measuring 51.50 x 21 metres, with a depth ranging from 1.20 to 1.80 metres), a grandstand with a capacity of 616 spectators and a coffee bar overlooking the pool through a full-height glass window. The Stadium is also equipped with changing rooms and related facilities, with 100 square metres reserved for judges and instructors and 660 square metres for users.

Swimming stadium in Cuneo (Italy)

Porcelain stoneware floorings and coverings by Casalgrande Padana

The underlying concept of the project was to create light, bright environments, easy for users to find their way around, so that everyone can enjoy the facility in complete safety. The wide range of porcelain stoneware tiles produced by Casalgrande Padana has made it possible to meet the various requirements for the floorings and coverings present in the swimming facility, with the use of smooth, textures and anti-slip finishes, depending on their function and maintenance and on the pertinent regulatory standards.

To boost brightness, the large area hosting the Olympic pool features a large, south-facing window that allows the abundant natural light to reflect on the covering surfaces inside, purposefully created using very light-coloured materials. In this context, the choice of two different products from Casalgrande Padana’s porcelain stoneware tile range helped enhance the setting in a way consistent with the project.


The Talco colour from the Elementi collection, in the Pinhead surface, was chosen for the entire pool surround, complete with trims for the surface water overflow channels, the covering of the bench that runs the full length of the south-facing window and the skirting between the horizontal and vertical surfaces, while the Tundra colour, in the Satin surface, was used for the inside of the pool, together with the colour Ocean, both from the Landscape collection, for the lane markers, the finish/tumble turn markers and the infinity edge.

Landscape: Ocean and Tundra

The changing room areas are tiled with the colour Grigio Cenere from the Technic collection, in the Secura anti-slip surface, while the Profil variant is featured in the showers.

The contemporary decorative format

The Project for the decoration of the Cuneo Swimming Stadium was based on the need to bring recognisable character to the spaces, create a lively atmosphere and highlight the connection points in order to make it easier for users to find their way around. This was achieved with a single, simple format based on chromatic research and primary colour combinations borrowed from contemporary art: Sol Lewitt, Daniel Buren and Carla Accardi.

This conceptual format was developed in the various spatial situations, bringing a touch of absolutely unique character, with spectacular chromatic yield and striking effects obtained by using four different colour combinations chosen from the Landscape collection: white – yellow (Tundra - Dune), white – red (Tundra - Sunset), white - blue (Tundra - Ocean) and white – light blue (Tundra - Bay), repeated based on the geometric criteria of alternating lines and 45 and 90 degree rotations.

Technic: Grigio Cenere Secura Anti-slip Surface - Landscape: Tundra - Dune, Tundra - Sunset, Tundra - Ocean
Landscape: Tundra - Bay, Tundra - Dune, Tundra - Ocean
Landscape: Tundra - Bay, Tundra - Dune, Tundra - Ocean
Landscape: Tundra - Bay, Tundra - Dune, Tundra - Ocean

The large variety of porcelain stoneware tiles produced by Casalgrande Padana also allowed for attractive, iconic solutions, such as the areas marking the move from the footwear and barefoot areas, created with a flip-flop icon, and the alternating blue-white decoration at the top of the wall coverings, present throughout all the areas.

Landscape: Tundra – Bay, Tundra - Dune, Tundra – Ocean

The composition of the buildings, the layout of the areas and the organisation of the routes were defined to guarantee a simple, rational experience for users, ensuring maximum accessibility and making it easier for users to find their way around such a large facility.

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