Tactile: tiles for the blind

June 15, 2019

Tactile: tiles for the blind

Did you know that we incorporate a special language into our porcelain stoneware tiles to ensure visually impaired people can move around more independently?

Our Tactile collection features modular flooring elements which convey simple information such as directions or warnings through the foot (with bumps or grooves on the tiles). For the partially sighted, we use colour contrasts or bright colours to achieve the same effect. The modular elements include basic codes (i.e. continue straight ahead or stop, danger) and complementary codes, which provide information about specific situations which require greater care (turn right now, approaching T-junction, attention-service and step hazard).




The Tactile porcelains stoneware guidance system is an invaluable way of breaking down architectural barriers. It complements and works with natural guidance systems present in public spaces such as pavements, walls, hedges, flowerbeds and echoes, which allow people with visual impairments to get their bearings and continue moving without requiring additional instructions.

Tactile can be found in a large number of settings: beach fronts, underground systems, airports, train stations, around swimming pools and gyms and in any busy urban area, where there are real risks to the safety of visually impaired people.

Seaside resort


Athens Station




Gym entrance


Canada Line – Rapid Transit Project - Vancouver (Canada)

The design industry has shown greater awareness and sensitivity in recent years by taking more care when designing spaces to ensure they are as user friendly as possible and to guarantee universal, safe access. The specific solutions incorporated into these projects help to avoid the formation of architectural barriers and make life easier for people with various types of disabilities.

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