Timeless porcelain stoneware tiles: a modern classic

May 29, 2023

Timeless porcelain stoneware tiles: a modern classic

The past and the future merge to create the new Timeless collection. These tiles give a modern twist to full-body porcelain stoneware, the ageless material that has made Casalgrande Padana’s history. Timeless tiles stand out for their neutral colours, delicate light accents and nuvolato effects, the tactile evenness of their surface, and concrete’s typical trowel effect.

Timeless Taupe
Timeless Ice

This new collection comes in five colours (Charcoal, Ice, Seal, Taupe, and Thunder), three formats (30x60 cm, 60x60 cm, and 60x120 cm), three finishes (natural, polished, and bushhammered), and a 9.4 mm thickness, except for the 60x60 cm format with a natural finish, which is 14 mm thick.

Timeless Charcoal, Seal, Thunder, Taupe, Ice

These tiles are made of innovative double-charge porcelain stoneware with atomised and micronised powders. This way, they mimic concrete’s colour combinations, expanding their scope of application. Timeless tiles ensure a consistent surface and body structure as the colour runs throughout the tile. So, for example, if you removed the superficial layer, you’d discover an identical surface underneath without affecting the tiles’ aesthetics and functionality. Moreover, these tiles withstand significant static and dynamic loads, foot traffic, and continuous vibrations. In addition, Timeless tiles are not affected by moisture, frost, fire, or abnormal temperature fluctuations. As a result, they’re ideal for commercial, industrial, and public places, such as airports, shopping centres, workshops, hospitals, food preparation, chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories, schools, showrooms, stations, supermarkets, offices, and more. But there’s more. The anti-slip finish helps reduce the risk of slipping, making the floors safer.

Flooring: Timeless Taupe
Flooring: Timeless Seal, Timeless Ice

This collection is perfect for large surfaces in public and commercial spaces. Still, it can add style and personality to any domestic space because Timeless tiles fit into any style. Moreover, the large formats and anti-slip finish ensure a visual continuity between floors and walls, interiors and exteriors, creating beautiful uninterrupted surfaces.

Flooring: Timeless Thunder
Flooring: Timeless Seal naturale, Timeless Seal bocciardato
Flooring: Timeless Thunder bocciardato

Casalgrande Padana Timeless tiles are waterproof. In addition, the exclusive Bios Antibacterial® treatment (available upon request) helps remove 99% of the four main bacterial strains (Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus faecalis, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa) from the tiles’ surface. All these features protect the tiles from stains, bacteria, mould, fungi, yeast, solvents, oils, and chemicals. This way, their structure and appearance will never be affected. Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles are made using only a few well-balanced natural elements, such as earth, fire, air, and water. That’s why they are environmentally sustainable and fully recyclable.

Flooring: Timeless Ice
Timeless Charcoal
Timeless Taupe
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