Total White: designs by Glória Papp

July 10, 2019

Total White: designs by Glória Papp

Total white is one of the most en vogue interior trends around at the moment. White is a versatile colour that adapts to any type of space, bringing different rooms together and breathing life into them. It makes a room feel bigger, reflects natural light and injects brightness and elegance into any space. From the living room to the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and even the garden, white plays out its starring role with understated sophistication.


Total white – in all its various forms – is a choice that can be adapted to many different interior styles, helping to blur the line between classic, minimalist, modern, country, industrial and shabby chic and opening the door to plenty of opportunities for combinations.

White evokes a sense of purity. It is a fresh colour that lends calm and serenity and provides a solid foundation upon which to let your creativity run wild with furnishings, as a way of turning your home into a space charged with personality and character. And the colour combination par excellence – working perfectly in both classic and modern spaces – is black and white.

Bianco Assoluto - Unicolore


If you do opt for a total white space, it’s important to think carefully about which type of white you choose. There’s not just one form of white: brilliant white is a good choice for anyone looking for a more modern style or if you’d like to incorporate furniture in brighter colours, while an off-white works well with warm colours and combinations featuring pastel tones. Even different shades of white need to be carefully paired on the basis of the character and personality you want to incorporate into a space.

Thassos - Marte


The choice of flooring in a total white space is crucially important. One option is a marble-effect porcelain stoneware floor from the Marte collection in the Thassos colour, while the Asiago, Bardiglio Bianco, Bianco Vietnam, Canova or Travertino Bianco colours in the Marmoker collection, also available in larger sizes (from 60x120 cm through to 160x320 cm) and with a glossy finish, are also good bets. If your total white look includes painted white furniture, it’s a good idea to choose a flooring that brings the two finishes together, such as wood-effect porcelain stoneware in Antique Wood White, Country Ice, Newood White, Planks Bianco or White Oak.

Listelli texture Thassos - Marte


If you would like to create a harmonious bond between the outdoor and indoor flooring in your home, the ideal choice is our stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles in Dragon White, Lavagna Bianca, Meteor Bianco, Mineral White, Pietra Baugè Bianca or Porto Rotondo. The tiles are available with a natural finish for indoors and an anti-slip finish for outdoors, in which case you might like to choose the 20 mm thickness version.



Their extraordinary resistance to impact, abrasions, scratches, bending, weather,fire, stains and chemical agents makes our collections the ideal solution for flooring and coverings. Casalgrande Padana’s porcelain stoneware is non-absorbent, durable and safe because it has not been treated with any chemical waterproofing treatments, paints or resins. It’s also good for the environment, because the majority of by-products from the production process are reusable, which greatly reduces the impact of the tiles on the environment. On top of all that, the tiles are easy to lay and don’t require special maintenance. Now more than ever, these attributes are essential in all residential spaces.

Let yourself be inspired by the ideas we’ve put together for you here!

In order to show you the potential of a total white space, we want to shine a light on two projects from architect Glória Papp (P-Art Ltd. / TNA Studio Ltd.), which illustrate the very best of the trend. Both projects use a bright white flooring featuring the Thassos and Bianco Assoluto colours to stunning effect.

Architect and interior designer Glória Papp won the first prize at the eighth edition of the Grand Prix with her “Private Villa” project. She also came second in the residential category at the 11th edition with “E House”.


Private Villa (Budapest, Hungary)

In this private villa in Budapest, the formal rigour of the exterior is reflected in the compositional simplicity of the internal architecture. The rationalist design of the project is underlined by the geometric, monochrome use of ceramic.

Following a strict pattern, the porcelain stoneware tiles follow the lines that split up the villa. The homogenous white of the ground floor, created using 60x60 cm in Bianco Assoluto with the polished finish, creates a sense of uninterrupted fluidity between the various rooms of the house.







E House (Egerszalòk, Hungary)

Bright white, acid-etched doors and sliding walls make for a unique, dynamic domestic space. The use of ceramic in a soft, compact shade of white – Thassos from the Marte collection – helps to create a sophisticated neutrality which complements the simple design of the house.








The main thing that emerges from these projects is the exquisite attempt to strike a harmonious balance between difference spaces. The rooms are expertly organised and there is meticulous attention to detail on show, with the total white style taking on the starring role. It means that the home becomes a place where you can feel cosy and safe – and where you can truly be yourself in a unique, welcoming and sophisticated setting.


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